A Change in Lifestyle

“In Michigan people were super nice, and that's not always the case in LA,” said Linda Branca when her son, Dylan Branca interviewed her. The interview took place on Janurary 6, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. The best part of...

Interviewing My Mother About Her VW Convertible Bug Named Lola

My mother named Erin Caird tells me, her daughter Alana Blue, about her car she had before I was born and the story of why she had to sell it to be able to care for me and have a...

Sam and Sally

Discussion of William Henry Robison Sr

Coronavirus interview

I talk about my personal experience with the 2020 quarantine period and my outlook on everything at the time. I talk about how it has affected me and my family, my health, sanity, and how it has also improved me...

Riley’s story

Riley talked about growing up in California and how he identifies ethnically

Katie and Sipeng discuss the problem and preparation regarding the climate crisis.

In the interview, Katie and Sipeng talked about their personal experience regarding the climate crisis and some of the strategies at community and individual level related to class material and personal experience.

Immigration Stories: Mexico-United States An Oral History – Anonymous 15

Anonymous #15 tells us of what it is to have grown up on the border of Mexico and California, crossing over up to 4 times a week, and to have family in the United States that are impossible to see.

Asking Piper

Piper discusses characteristics from her life that are the most significant to her.

Interview with a CCRN

I was able to interview one of Mission Hospital's critical care nurses and was able to ask her about her experiences and overall life as a nurse. In this interview, she discusses schooling and work life as well as how...

Grandpa Al talks about growing up when he was a child

In this interview, I, Patrick Kelley, interviewed my awesome Grandpa Al. We interviewed on Saturday, November 25. We talked about his childhood and how it was like growing up. He talks about how he met his wife at college. I...

California Culture

I talk with my grandma about living in California over the years

Shay McLean

This interview is of my 46 year old mother Shay McLean. She originally grew up in Glendora, California, but has lived here in Henderson, Nevada for the last 10 years or so. She is a special education teacher for CCSD....

A move to California

Our family moved out to California

The Day After The People’s Park Riots (1969)

Juanita lived in Berkeley, CA at the time. Surveying the scene the next morning, her son in his stroller touched a leaf, inadvertently teargassing himself by rubbing his eye.

The American Dream we Take for Granted

In the 1980’s Iran was in the middle of a revolution and Persian Jews were looking for political asylum. In this interview Sam Ghalili speaks with his father Jesse Ghalili in Encino California who talks about his courageous journey immigrating...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen With My Granny

I talked with my grandmother about some of her experiences growing up. We talked about her family life and some things she found to be very important when navigating life