Scott Silverman and Courtney Gilbert

Scott Silverman (40) talks with StoryCorps Facilitator Courtney Gilbert (28) about why he loves running the Emeritus Program at Santa Monica College, some key memories of his life and hopes for the future, and why he writes children's books in...

Linda Elliott-Nelson, Randy Nelson, and Ben Nelson

Dr. Linda Elliott-Nelson (62) is interviewed by her husband Randy Nelson (63) and their son Ben Nelson (27), who ask Linda about her career in education. She remembers deciding to be a teacher, early memories of being a Spanish professor,...

Eric Payne and Mia Raquel

Eric Payne (35) talks to facilitator Mia Raquel (24) about growing up in Fresno and working to give back to his community. He describes some of the struggles faced by members of his community, analyzes the underrepresentation of black and...

"Reaching the Critical Zone through Community College." an interview with Jill Marshall

Jill Marshall, Assistant Professor of Geology at the University of Arkansas thought she was ready to go to college, but there she was on the campus of Boston University as a freshman overwhelmed by her surroundings and on shaky financial...