Interview for class

Asking my friend Katie about life and love.

Steven Olender, Anne Olender, and Robert Olender

Spouses Anne Olender (66) and Robert Olender (66) speak with their son Steven Olender (35) about marriage and parenthood in light of Steven's upcoming wedding.

Love: My Dads Perspective

I asked my dad a series of questions about his relationship with my mom like how they met, their first date, and how he proposed.

A Roundtable of Wisdom

After Thanksgiving dinner I sat down with my two grandmothers and talked shop.

“I’d do it again in a heartbeat”

This story is told by Ellie Carlson about how she met the love of her life, while being interviewed by Abbie Carlson. This story goes through the process of explaining a love that has lasted for 62 years, and how...

Mimi and Papa’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

On the eve of their 50th wedding anniversary, David and Cindy Heminger share their relationship/love/marriage advice with their grandchildren.

Interview with grandma re dating, wedding, honeymoon

Sora Frankel, born in 1919, recalls her first date, courtship, wedding and honeymoon in New York City in a conversation with her grandson.

19 Miles Away: Miguel & Natalie

How we met online and that no matter the obstacles you create for yourself what is meant to be will be.

Love & Dating Interview with Amanda

This interview is with a friend, Amanda, who is in her late 30’s. She is a dance teacher from New Jersey who shares her views, opinions, and experiences on love and dating

Caroline Wilkerson and Robby Espano

Caroline Wilkerson (21) and her boyfriend, Robby Espano (21), discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic affected their relationship, their family lives, and their lives as students.

Finding The Right Person

Glenda Matheny, my grandmother is 76 years old. We discussed how she met her now deceased husband, and what it means to find the right person.

Dating in a Small Town

Layne Champion-Schumacher talks to her son, Noah Ackerman, about what dating was like growing up. She talks about what dates were like in a small town and what dating was like for her in college.

Elizabeth Horwitz and Victoria Lopes

One Small Step conversation partners Elizabeth Horwitz (54) and Victoria Lopes (59) have an open and vulnerable conversation about loss, relationships, and growing older on one's own.

Learning about my dad’s childhood and how he coped with losing his parents.

In this interview, conducted on April 2019 in Placentia, California, Nick Devereaux interviews his father Jim Devereaux. My father shares stories about his parents and childhood memories. Jim also goes in depth on what it was like losing both parents...