My Poppop: William Lee

In this interview, William Lee explores his life during the Great Depression and in the army during World War 2.

Don’t treat others who are nice and caring and loving like doormates they’ve been trying!!

Many people in this world are cruel to those who are kind, caring and loving people but they 1.get stepped on like a doormates. 2. Get dumped for some other person. 3. Get absolutely nothing back. People out there these...

I Interview My Twin Brother Kincaid and Now We’re Getting Tattoos…

In this interview/podcast my twin brother and I discuss events of our childhood and how we shared and differed in our experiences. We also dive into hobbies and plans for the future… tattoos???

Ed Rehak Czechoslovakian history

My great uncle Ed recalls memories from early childhood during the depression as well as cultural aspects from his Czechoslovakian ancestry.

Amy and Katie Gray – Depression, Anxiety, and Photography

Amy Gray (17) interviews her sister Katie Gray (24) about her mental illnesses, their affect on her life, and how she has used photography to cope.

Stop bullying, suicide etc

Many people and I mean many suffer from depression and get bullied but you can help by sharing this and telling others to not give up and live life to the fullest. If you are depressed and need someone to...

Alexander Matos and Brenda Ford

Storycorp Intern Brenda Ford (45) interviews Alexander Matos (25) about thoughts.

Surviving and Having Hope – My Story

My name is Dalia and I will explain my story of sadness, but triumphs on how I made it in life. I had a cleft palate and was raised by immigrant parents. I plan to release my book of how...

Getting to Know my Future Sister-in-Law.

Today I sit down and talk to my soon to be sister in law and we talk on several different topics. Some include her religious beliefs, when she knew my brother was the one, and advice she would give her...

“Sincerely, Skylar”

Allow yourself to put yourself in Skyar’s shoes. Experience the hardships she faces everyday and how she frees herself from them.

Lee Spillane and Beth Scanlon

Best friends and colleagues Lee Ann Spillane (45) and Beth Scanlon (41) talk about their mentor Janet Allen, their friendship, and their proudest and most challenging moments as teachers.

Cynthia Grace and Savannah Winchester

Cynthia Grace (46) speaks to new friend and conversation partner Savannah Winchester (31) about the strength and inspiration she got from her mother and the journey she made to accepting herself as a transgender woman.

101-Year-Old Arnold Duevel Talks about a Century of Life

Arnold Duevel talks about growing up in Central Minnesota. Born in 1918, he shares vivid memories of his childhood and teen-aged years. A decorated World War II veteran, Arnold has led a long and momentous life.

College Struggles

A discussion with Celeste, a 21 year old college student, about college and how it’s changed her outlook on life.

Jami Gramore & Scott Acord

Jami, is an only child for their adopted parents and has a complicated relationship with them mainly because of their gender identity of queer/nonbinary. Throughout their life they have struggled with depression and anxiety, but are working through it with...

Can cats be therapeutic?

The interview of a person that has been diagnosed with clinical depression in which we talk about the benefits that owning a pet has brought to they life

great thanksgiving listen

Ashley (my sister) and I mostly talked about what we’ve gone through together and how much we need each other in life. I added a few extra questions of my own in the end, because i felt like the recommended...

Grace Nagel and Susan Gallagher

Grace Nagel (32) shares a conversation with her mother, Susan Gallagher (62), about mindfulness meditation, mental health, the COVID-19 pandemic, the various adaptations of Frank Herbert’s Dune, and about how grateful they are for one another.