Jamilah Muhammad interviews her mother about her life, childhood, and etc.

In this interview, conducted in January 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri, Jamilah Muhammad (17) interviews her mother about her childhood in Birmingham/ St. Louis. She shares stories about her childhood, love life, political views and etc. She also talks about...

The great Thanksgiving listen

Some of the topics my mom and I discussed were mainly about her child hood, how she grew up, and some of her greatest memories from school. We also talked about our ancestors and where they came from, we discussed...

Voting and Elections-An Interview with my Grandfather

I interviewed my grandfather about his experiences with voting. I asked him questions about previous elections and how he decides on a candidate to vote for.

A History Lesson with Mr.Pues

Steven has a great outlook on the elections, politics, civic engagement, and religion.

My Friend Aladji Sow

My name is Caren, and I met Aladji in Atlanta, Georgia this November 2022. I quickly realized that he has a very very interesting life that I thought would be perfect for StoryCorps. Aladji is from Senegal, and he’s been...

Rich Ross and Brook Wilensky-Lanford

[Recorded Thursday, November 11, 2021] Rich and Brook recorded a One Small Step conversation together in Charlottesville, Virginia. They discussed electoral politics, economic values, political corruption, and memories of political participation.

Robbie and Charles Williams – on voting and working the polls, "It's about fairness."

Robbie Williams Real Estate Broker Sales Consultant. Charles Williams is a Retired Butler University Executive in Residence/Career Mentor. They moved to Indianapolis in the early 60s, and have been voting and working the polls since then.

Reverend Felipe Martinez and Tracy Heaton de Martinez. Columbus Indiana."The Indiana Voter ID law DOES hurt me."

Reverend Martinez and Tracy Heaton de Martinez live and work in Columbus Indiana. They discuss the differences between voting in Indianapolis, the capital city, and in Columbus, Indiana, a smaller city. Also, voter ID laws.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

One asset I learned was a lot of family history that I did not know before. One strength I learned was that they were mentally strong and left there home country to live a better life for both there family...

Interviewing My Mom

At first we talked about family and her growing up. Then we progressed to a description of jobs and talking about elections.

Rebecca Curran and Ty Patton

One Small Step partners, Rebecca Curran (40) and Ty Patton (37), swap stories about how they were taught about the environment, discuss how they feel about war, and learn about each other's different values for our government system.

Robert Wright – nobody can tell me who to vote for!

Robert Wright is a former serviceman who lives in Indianapolis. An African-american resident of Pike Township, Indianapolis, he tells us about voting while he was on active military duty. He registered to vote for the first time in Fairview, Alabama,...

gov parent interview

Les Cheng (49), father of Rachel Cheng (16), recollects his experiences with the election process and shares his thoughts and insight on our current government.

Jim Robinson and Thomas Graver

One Small Step partners Jim Robinson (68) and Thomas "Tom" Graver (60) share a conversation about their families and their political views and values. They also discuss their concern for the current state of American politics and talk about whether...

Campaigning during COVID-19

I interviewed my friend who worked as a campaign manager during this past election cycle, particularly during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Christina Bowden and Christine Nyholm

This interview is about my grandma’s life and things she has done and been through. She talks about memories in her life and when they were either sad or happy, and other things that made her who she is today.

Carol Odinzoff and Pamela Bergmann
November 12, 2021 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Carol Odinzoff (66) and Pamela Bergmann (69) discuss their relationship to Alaska, their political beliefs and their concerns for the future.

Impressions On How Life Has Changed For The American

This interview conducted in Niskayuna, New York in December 2017, by Matthew Chao (16) interviewing his grandfather John Dowley (74) about his time growing up and his family. Dowley shares how his family influenced his life and initiated changes in...

Damon Young and Martin Garcia

One Small Step conversation partners Damon Young (45) and Martin Garcia (40) talk about their beliefs about the economy, religion, and local politics.

Great Thanksgiving Listen with Jim and Liam McCarthy

Liam and Jim McCarthy talk about Jim’s life. They talk about his childhood life and beyond. Around the five minute mark they talk about how he got discharged from vietmam, and around the end they talk about his love for...

Rich Ross and Brook Wilensky-Lanford

[Recorded Thursday, November 11, 2021] Rich (33) and Brook (44) recorded a One Small Step conversation together in Charlottesville, Virginia. They discussed democratic participation, voting, gerrymandering, the US economy, and the differences between political parties at the national and local...

APSUH Interview

I, Emmy Replogle, interview my grandmother, Barbra Gatchel, about her life in American when she was a kid. I used this information to compare to the average life of a teenager now a days. My grandmother and I discussed important...

Interviewing my grandmother

In this interview it was at my house on the 25th of November with my grandmother named Ellen Ross and we talked about voting, her career and religion