My French Gramdma

We basically talked about her life as a child and her love life. We also talked about her roots from France

Joe's scars of childhood

My brother Joe talks about his frequent trips to the emergency room

Nurses in the Pandemic

Talking to Dominic and Marissa about what it is like being a nurse in the pandemic and what they struggled with

Katie Kennedy’s first traumatic childhood injury

The year was 1974 and Katie was only 5 years old. A simple fun day on the school playground turned into a not so fun day and the first big traumatic experience of her life.

Cora Kessler and Elizabeth de Wolff

One Small Step partners Cora Kessler (29) and Elizabeth "Lisa" de Wolff (57) talk about identity, fear, and the impact of social media on the country's political divide. They reflect on their political upbringings and on how they choose to...

From an ER Nurse's Point of View

I interviewd my mom, an ER nurse, about her exciting and unique career.

Hanni Stoklosa and Katherine Chon

Hanni Stoklosa [no age given] talks with her friend, Katherine Chon [no age given] about how her upbringing and faith influenced her decision to become a doctor, and how she has expanded on her role as a doctor by incorporating...