"It’s about how we translate the science and make it relevant to the people's life." An Interview with Saleh Ahmed

Saleh Ahmed is probably the only researcher who’s working in both Bangladesh and the Intermountain West. And as a professor in Environmental Studies, Global Studies, and Public Policy at Boise State University, his research in climate change is particularly urgent....

We Need More Teachers Like Her!

My name is Ozan Kara and I am a 17 years old cultural exchange student from Turkey. As an high school student in Bloomington, Indiana, I have had the chance to know a wonderful person, Vanessa Domizlaff, my German teacher...

Anna Grady and Carol Clarke

One Small Step partners Anna Catherine Grady (24) and Carol Clarke (58) discuss jazz history and environmental justice in Birmingham, AL. They also discuss Rwanda, the COVID-19 pandemic, and how their family members have shaped them.

Our boys.

Angelo Logan interviews Clarence Williams III, his inspiration and best friend. Clarence talks about the port of New Orleans, raising his son and his father's story.

The Impacts that the Pinova/ Hercules Explosion had on the Unhoused Community

Helen Ladson (Heritage Works) & Emmanuel Oke (University of Georgia School of Social Work, Chess and Slums) interview Tony about his memories and experiences of the Pinova/Hercules explosion in the City of Brunswick. He details how the explosion impacted the...

Carlos Menchaca and Veronica Carbajal

Friends Veronica Carbajal (46) and Carlos Menchaca (42) share their experiences of El Paso and reflect on what working toward justice for their community looks like for them.

Kim Gaddy and Amy Goldsmith

Coworkers Kim Gaddy (57) and Amy Goldsmith (63) discuss the environmental justice work they have done at Clean Water Action, in the New Jersey community, and at a national level. They discuss how community has played a central role in...

Shamus Thornton and Coleen Cole

Shamus Thornton (50) talks with a fellow environmental justice activist Coleen Cole (70) about her experience with the Fresh Air Vallejo environmental activism group.

Emily Gorospe and Valerie Gorospe

Emily Gorospe (15) talks with her mother Valerie Ancheta Gorospe (42) about her grandmother, her legacy as an advocate for environmental justice, and how her example has impacted both Valerie and Emily.

Exploring Poverty, Environmental Justice, & Solutions

Interviewee : Zebadiah Francis (Social Action Group 38 leader) Interviewer: Maria Ordenana Add to existing research about perceptions and experiences of those who experience homelessness in relation to how environmental factors compounded their experience with homelessness. Questions center around the...

Growing up in Mossville, Louisiana

interview with environmental justice activist Debra Ramirez of Mossville, Louisiana.


She talked about her upbringing in a blended family and her interest in environmental justice.

Environment and Behavior colleagues Erin Gallay and Maisy Rohrer talk about coping with the climate crisis.

Erin interviews Maisy on the emotional and mental challenges of the climate crisis from her perspective as a young environmental justice and sustainability professional. Maisy discusses how resource dissent and the climate emergency and stress/anxiety about these issues are tied...

Nina Moshefi, Anna Moshefi, and Mandisha Thomas

Sisters Nina Moshefi (41) and Anna Moshefi (37) talk with State Rep. Mandisha Thomas (47) about environmental sustainability and environmental justice.