Interview with Grandmother
November 29, 2017 App Interview

Barbara Watson was born in 1952 in Kansas and moved to Alabama. Her father served in The Korean War and was a computer programmer after that. Her mother was a nurse. She moved to Washington in the late 1950s and...

Family journeys

I interviewed my Ant Liz about her childhood and what her life was like growing up

The great thanksgiving listen- jalissa bowers

A great conversation about life and how all different aspects effect jasmine

Tim Havis and David Havis

Tim Havis (33) and his father David Havis (70) talk about when Tim came out as gay, reflecting on growth and openness in their family.

Nana and Papa’s Life

I (Cora, 15) interviewed my mother’s parents, Nana (Bonnie, 70) and Papa (John, 70). They talked about their time growing up as well as raising my mother.

All about my Nana

We talked about how my nana met my papaw, and then she talked about her wedding day and their first date. Then after that we talked about her school and some things she did growing up, her favorite celebrity, etc.

Interview – Geoff Stubson’s family history

I interviewed my dad about his family and traditions that influenced his childhood. We talked about different food and cultures that his family celebrated. I learned a little about his ethnicity and culture.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Talk about family memories and history. We touch upon favorite family moments and hard times.

discoveries with my grandma

This interview is on my grandma Linda! I’m Nayeli, i’m 18 years old, and we’re in Tulsa Oklahoma. We talked about her childhood and all the funny stories she has, her children and grandchildren, and we talked about spiritual moments.❤️

My Interview With My Aunt

In my interview I talk to my aunt about how society has progressed and how it has shaped her. We talk about how art is a big part of her life. She tells me about some of our family traditions....

Robert Young and Derrick Young

Derrick Young (59) interviews his father Robert Young (82) about his life, including his childhood, work life, and family life.

Tyler Cross and Patricia Cross

Tyler Cross (35) asks his mother Patricia "Pat" Cross (74) about her life, family and previous jobs. Patricia shares stories about her childhood, her journey to Montana and past relationships.

John Bowling at the Bowling Cousins’ Reunion 2017 Reflections -Descendants Of Clark D & Carrie Rozella Bowling

For five generations, the Clark D. and Carrie Bowling families have gathered for family reunions. We documented these interviews to help future generations understand how life was lived in the past and recognize medical issues in the family line. We...

Sadie Bolan interviews Joe (father) about his life leading up to this point.

In this interview, conducted in November 2023 in Valparaiso, Indiana, Sadie Bolan (16) interviews her father Joseph (62) about his life— beginning at his high school career— and leading up to his life in the present. With school, he talks...

Craig Brown and Mara Brown

Mara Brown (58) and Craig Brown (69) share family stories, the role of God in their lives and legacies for their children and grandchildren

Interview with Patty Sciria by Kaeleigh Sciria
November 25, 2022 App Interview

On Thanksgiving Day, 2022, Kaeleigh Sciria (20), interviews her beautiful mother, Patty Sciria (62), to detail her life and stories. She told stories of her childhood, family, her brother, being a lawyer, and her favorite job as a mother. Patty...