Clara Milliken, Danner Milliken, and Buddy Milliken

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Francine Barr and Lisa Barr

Francine Barr (62) is interviewed by her daughter Francine Barr (31). Francine shares stories of her life and struggles to the top of the corporate ladder when gender roles served as a prime determinant to a woman’s success.

How covid 19- is affecting students in the Dominican Republic

Jessica Reyes is interviewing Maria Jose Rivera about her life as a college student in the Dominican Republic during Covid-19. Maria Jose Rivera is a young Student in the Dominican Republic, was born November 26, 2002. She has lived there...

Nisha and Puja Patel (reuploaded)

Today, I (Nisha, 19) spoke to my sister-in-law Puja (31) about her life experiences and how growing up in a traditional Indian household has impacted many decisions. She defied the norms of our Indian community in the past by running...