Aunt Louise’s Life Story (Colorism)

Story of Colorism. How a woman forgave her mother for giving her up for adoption because of the color of her skin.

Grandma’s Childhood

The hardships of a distance drunken dad. My great grandad was kinda distance and not around involved in the kids life.

Sonya Rosario and Venus Prado

Friends Sonya Rosario (64) and Venus Prado (51) discuss Sonya's return to San Antonio after living away for 35 years. They discuss Sonya's career as a filmmaker, memories, and share wisdom for future generations to come.

My Mother’s(Jeanene Anthony) Life and Raising Me and My Siblings.

In this interview, conducted May 22 in Corpus Christi, Texas, Landon Anthony (15) interviews his Mother Jeanene Anthony (48) about her childhood and parenthood. Jeanene shares stories about her childhood, motherhood, and her life in general. She also speaks of...

Jennifer Yox and Pat Keebler

One Small Step partners Jennifer Yox (37) and Pat Keebler (75) have a conversation about titling memoirs, history being written by the victors, and learning to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Gloria Park and Julia Kim

Gloria Park (50) conversates with her daughter Julia Kim (19) about the meaning they’ve each created for their personal lives, their ideas around home and self care.

Psy 230 Essay 3

We talked about Connie’s life growing up and her relationship with the Lord and how it has made such a large influence on her life.

Dee Armstrong and Martha Jones

Best friends Dee Armstrong [no age given] and Martha Jones [no age given] talk about Martha's career as a teacher, Dee's career as a news anchor, and what makes the two of them such great friends. They also discuss the...

Thanksgiving talk

How abbeys life effected her to become a better person

James Waugh and John Odgers

One Small Step partners James Waugh (62) and John Odgers [no age given] discuss their work, their political beliefs, and their religious beliefs.

Missionary of Mercy – Paulist Fr. Bruce Nieli

This interview provides glimpses into the wonderful life and rich ministry of #Paulist Fr. Bruce Nieli, who celebrated his 50th #ordination anniversary this past May. Ordained a #priest on May 5, 1973, Fr. Bruce is part of our #preaching apostolate,...

My story matters video response

A quick response to these questions about the view I listened to for this assignment.

Richard [No Name Given] and Amanda [No Name Given]

One Small Step partners Richard [No Name Given] (70) and Amanda [No Name Given] (43) share how they came to their Jewish faith, and consider the intersection of religious values and politics.

Grammy Interview ❤

After speaking with my grandmother, I was able to delve a bit deeper into her life ideals and motivations.

Joe’s Experiences of the Divine

Michelle Ellen Johnston “MJ”, age 55, interviewing her father, Joseph Everett Miner, age 79. Joe has had several mystical experiences and I asked him to talk about some of them.

Allison Walsh and Maureen Ward

Cousins Allison Walsh (54) and Maureen Ward (37) share about their Irish-Catholic roots, their relationship and their family. They remember Maureen's mother, Diana, and share memories they have of her.

Our love story

Wally and I have been together 34 years and although not an easy journey, we give God thanks for allowing us to grow in Him, for giving us a beautiful family and giving us an opportunity to share his it...

Forgive the Unforgivable and You Get Your Life Back

Mrs. Patricia Britz discusses her life experiences and explains how learning to forgive others has contributed to her improved life.

Alexis Lane and Shannon Parsons

Friends Alexis Lane (25) and Shannon Parsons (53) reflect on their friendship and how it has impacted them both.

Thank you Mom !!

we talked about how my fathers life was as a child growing up. His memories with his grandfather and his parents