The Life of a Young African Girl… in the 1960s

Interviewing my grandmother who grew up in Lunsar and moved across Africa throughout her life, until she moved to Lebanon and learned Arabic, which is what this interview is in.

Thanksgiving Interview with Grandma p.2

this is a continuation of a thanksgiving interview with Sally Drake

The Hurricane Branch Library and its Anime Fannatiku Club provided a safe and supportive place for Cynthia Hawk

Recording September 24, 2017 – Cynthia Hawk discovered an anime club at the Hurricane Branch Library in Hurricane, Utah during her elementary years. It was created by WCLS employees Natalie Daniel and Sarah Hall, called Anime Fannatiku and Manga Club....

My Brother

My brother and I breeze through the questions I had set up. The rest of the interview is just random questions about stuff.

My brothers story

In this interview conducted on November 26, 2017, I interviewed my brother Jordan to get an inside scoop on his childhood and how life was in the easy days. Jordan shares stories about politics, religion, and even aliens. He also...

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Erfahrung mit online Casinos finden sich in vielen Berichten in Onlineforen wieder. Hier äußern viele ihre Meinung und ist dort auch einzusehen für jene die noch nicht so genau wissen worauf bei Casinos zu achten ist. Dies ist natürlich...

The Countryside

I interviewed my Aunt Phuong. She talked about her life story. We had a conversation on playing house as a child, a friendship turning into a happy marriage, and going through some tough times. My Aunt Phuong told me things...

Mom’s Early Childhood

Martha Carroll, interviewed by her son Steve, in December, 2019 about her memories of fairly early childhood in Lexington Virginia.

Dustin and Ashley H. Nov 26

Some of the fondest memories shared between brother and sister.

PlayCasinosca Casino Interview

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