"I can think of no greater stage than the year of the pandemic to showcase the strength of emergency nurses"

ENA Chief Executive Officer Nancy MacRae and 2020 ENA President Mike Hastings reflect on the challenges faced and the triumphs achieved by emergency nurses and ENA during amid the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

StoryCorps Interview- Kenneth Randolph

In this we talked about who and what motivates her and what she is proudest of in her life regarding school and relationships.

Hanni Stoklosa and Katherine Chon

Hanni Stoklosa [no age given] talks with her friend, Katherine Chon [no age given] about how her upbringing and faith influenced her decision to become a doctor, and how she has expanded on her role as a doctor by incorporating...

Interview with Jessica Connally for PHLT 309- Cultural Comp/Spirit

In this interview, I talked to Jessica (20) who is part Arabic and lived in Jordan for 17 years. We talked about the differences in health care in Jordan and the U.S.

Alaska Community Health Aide Experiences

The experiences of Earlene Wise a Community Health Practitioner for 23 years!

James Conway and Maureen Connor

James Conway (69) shares with Maureen Connor (67) his journey and profound learning as a healthcare executive in patient- and family-centered care, through partnership with patients, family members, staff, clinical/administrative leaders, and trustees.

“I’m just going to try. If it’s not meant to be, then it’s just not meant to be. I really could use this”

Emergency nurse Dayna James thought she had the most secure job in the world, but the pandemic knocked her out of work and wondering how her family would pay its bills. James tells 2020 ENA Foundation Chairperson Jim Hoelz about...

Overcoming disappointment to make history

As they worked on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dustin Bass and Jamie Stephens-Davenport also faced the daunting challenge of pivoting the biggest conference for emergency nurses from a celebration in Las Vegas to a fully virtual experience....

Thomas O'Connor, Justin Vigdor, and John Horvath

Friends Justin Vigdor (92), John Horvath (91), and Thomas O'Connor (55) share a conversation on the history of Al Sigl and the dreams of how they would like to see it continue to grow.

Being Transgender In Today’s Society

My best friend Lyle has been transitioning from female to male over the past 3 months, so i thought I'd ask him a few questions regarding what it's like to be trans in our generation.

New in the ICU

Kelsey Haglund talks about her journey to be a PA and family life.

Inequality Health Care and Education

Questions were asked about the health care system and education for the town and county

Marketing 101 Interview

Jason Becker And Joewell Jackson, two Radford University students, talk about the finer points of healthcare.