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Una vida mejor para su hija

Janeth Ponce se vino a los 19 años después de quedar embarazada de su hija para una nueva vida para ambas. Ahora es habla de su viaje y proceso migratorio y como llegó a ser ciudadana americana.

Una aventura de mi vida

This is the story of my mom and what her childhood was like and how she came to the us and what she went through in her childhood to adult hood. It’s tells the life story of a immigrant from...

November 28, 2017 App Interview

I interview my mom about her experience in Honduras, and what that is like in hopes to learn more about her and forge a deeper connection. We talk about friends, family, and what could have been.

KIND Client Ismael in Conversation with his KIND attorney, Jessalyn Schwartz.

KIND attorney, Jessalyn Schwartz interviews her client, Ismael on his life, hopes for the future and the positive impact KIND has had on his life and his legal case.

Ms. Virginia

Virginia Harrison, born in 1939, recounts her stories of mischief and fun growing up in Honduras.

Entrevista a Maria Nova (hondureña) desde la ciudad de Nueva York

En está entrevista estuvimos hablando sobre la historia de inmigración de Maria nova (20, Honduras) y como fue el proceso de adaptación en este nuevo país con la barrera de idioma y el cambio cultural

Lauren frederick and justa ordoñez talk about the journey to the u.s

In this interview conducted of September 2018 in Bronx Ny Lauren Frederick interviewed her mother justa ordoñez about her experiences growing up and coming to this country. She shares stories about school, dreams, expectations and how it was raising children....

Dalia’s childhood

Dalias childhoos memories in Honduras

Klymer Baylo Moves to Michigan for Education

My Aunt Klymer and I talked about how she moved from Honduras to the United States when she as eighteen-years-old where she completed high school and college in Michigan and then moved to California.

My grandpa talks about growing up in Honduras and what it was like growing up in Honduras.

I interview my grandpa about his childhood,how he was,what does he regret,how i was like when i was a kid and what did people think about him

“I felt like I was cheated out of my childhood”

The topic of deportation is something that’s talked about on the daily by many, but no one knows how it actually feels for a loved one that’s forcefully taken away from their home after having made a life for themselves...

Klymer Baylo moves from Honduras to Michigan for education

My aunt Klymer and I talked about how she moved from Honduras to the United States when she was 18 and completed high school, and college in Michigan and then eventually moved to California.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, i ask my father Erick Valle about his story back in Honduras.