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Doyle Hunsinger and his childhood from Pennsylvania to New Jersey

In this interview conducted on January 27th 2019, Natalie (17) and grandpa, Doyle (71) talk about his life growing up poor in a coal mining community in Eastern Pennsylvania and his new life after moving to New Jersey and helping...

Thanksgiving Interview

A story about my grandpa's childhood and the things he did.

Final Project Interview

I interviewed my dad and asked him 5 questions reflecting on his life.

Bobby McElroy and keyona McElroy

Grandmother is going to pass down her cooking book to her youngest granddaughter

Freshman Success Assignment

We talked about his life and what obstacles he went through like losing his parents affected him. Also what advice or lessons he has learned and what he feels about me and what he wants me to become in the...

Dad’s life story!

My dad just talking about his life as a child and growing up becoming the person he is.

Elwood Uses Google Street View to Look at His Old Homes

Grandaddy looks at some of his old homes (what he can remember!) using Google Street View.

Interview with Jim Griffith

This interview was about me Danny Griffith asking Jim Griffith a series of questions about his life as a kid and as a grown man

Braydon Schick and his mother Jennifer Schick talk about life in Vestavia Hills, Alabama.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Birmingham, Alabama, Braydon Schick (16) interviews his mother Jennifer Schick (43). They talk about growing, childhood, and expectations for the future. Jennifer also gives lots of advice to help through teen years....

A year that lasted a lifetime

This story is about Carly’s life throughout the pandemic

The LA Disaster

“We’re reporting on January 17th, 1994 4:31 am, we have just felt an extreme earthquake. We are hoping that everyone is safe and unhurt.” People realized that we were a community and in need of helping each and every person...

Core Interview

Core interview with my mother, Megan Gearhart, going over her life and job.

Getting to know my sister.

In this video i learned a little more about my sister that i didn’t know.

The Great Thanksgiving interview

We talked about how my moms life was when she was younger and talked about sime of her favorite memories.

Emily Kizer’s grandpa, Don, tells what life was like in Texas in the late 20th century

In this interview, conducted in 2017 in Fort Worth, Texas, Emily Kizer (14) interviews her grandpa, Don Kizer (67), about his childhood and family life. Mr. Kizer shared what life was like during the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam...