Claudia Parvanta and Richard Harner

Claudia Parvanta (66) shares a conversation with her significant other, Richard Harner (86), about Richard’s family, his experience growing up in Iowa, how he became a doctor, his career, and his love of music.

The Paul Studer Story

He lived in Nazi-occupied Europe, befriended Louie Armstrong, and aided in work on one of the first ever computers as a professor: Paul Studer is an immigrant, an artist, a father, and a friend. This is his story.

Content with My Life

Charles King feels that he has led a good life. He feels fortunate to have obtained a good education, have a successful career as a jazz pianist, and now has the opportunity to teach piano to kids.

Anna Grady and Carol Clarke

One Small Step partners Anna Catherine Grady (24) and Carol Clarke (58) discuss jazz history and environmental justice in Birmingham, AL. They also discuss Rwanda, the COVID-19 pandemic, and how their family members have shaped them.

Gina Livingston and Decio Rubano

Gina Livingston (40) interviews her father Decio "Dez" Rubano (91) about the role playing drums in bands and orchestras has had in his life, and Dez relates many stories about the interesting experiences he has had as a result of...

Williams (Bill) E. Arant, Jr.

Dad talks about jazz, working in NYC and Lake Tahoe, baseball, meeting Al Anastasia, Marian McKnight, meeting Mom, and entanglement.

Mel Valentine, Melissa Valentine, and Melaina Valentine

Mel Valentine (63) shares his experiences as a second-generation American, a Vietnam War veteran, and a retiree with his daughters, Melissa Valentine (33) and Melaina Valentine (27). Note: This recording contains mentions of murder.

A Student Interviews his Band Director

Luke Ward (16) is a guitarist in jazz band and he interviewed his band director Curtis Newson (25) asking him about his experience with music growing up

Russell Meredith, Leo Gaudin, Susan O'Neill, and Jonathan Basile

Russell Meredith (88) speaks with Leo Gaudin (67), Susan O'Neill (63), and Jonathan Basile (26) about his military assignments during World War II, his travels, and dealing with racial prejudice in the South and North.

Beth Jackson and James Elliott III

Friends Beth Jackson (64) and James Edward "Pudgie" Elliott III [no age given] talk about their love of music. Pudgie talks about growing up in New York City as the oldest child in his family. They sing a few different...

Sande Tanner and Ric Tanner

Ric Tanner (58) interviews his best friend and ex-wife Sande Gay Tanner (51) about her relationship with her parents and sisters, with her daughter, and with him and how these have changed her throughout her life.

John Murchison and Mohamed Eldebek

Friends John Murchison (35) and Mohamed Eldebek (37) talk about finding a sense of home in Arabic music. They reflect on the shared philosophy of musicians, the experience of connecting to their audiences, and the impact of the pandemic on...

Marc Cary interview conducted by Nickel Five

Marc Cary talks with Nickel Five about jazz, hip hop, travel, his inspirations, and more...

Professional Jazz Drummer

In January 2023 Will Thompson (16) interviewed his drum teacher, Dave Mohn (74) in New Hope, PA about his professional music career as a drummer in a Jazz Band. Dave was born on October 20th, 1948, and grew up in...

Jason Irr, James Irr, and Thomas Rushin

Thomas Rushin (77) is interviewed by his two grandsons Jason Irr (19) and James Irr (25) about his life as a jazz percussionist, sculptor and what the arts taught him about life.

Michael Kim Ning and Kristina Ning

Michael Kim Ning [age not given] talks to daughter Kristina Ning (46), about moving from China after the communist party took over the government, traveling with his family, learning to play the piano, and his journey as an artist in...