Maisha Rounds and Zazil-xa Davis-Vazquez

Maisha Rounds (42) shares her Gullah culture, stories of her relationship with her veteran husband, and her career in education with her conversation partner Zazil-xa Davis-Vazquez (26).

Jonah Goldsaito and Corinne Gilbert

Corinne Ellis Gilbert (98) shares stories of her childhood in Boston to her grandson, Jonah Goldsaito (40). They talk about living in a multigenerational household and what that experience has been like for their family.

Nathan Galloway and BethAnne Galloway

BethAnne Galloway (47) interviews her spouse, Nathan Thomas Galloway (47), about his career in the Army National Guard.

Michelle Breazale and Terry Breazale

Husband and wife, Terry Breazale (62) and Michelle Breazale (59), talk about their unlikely love story, from their first meeting in Greece, to flying home with their wedding china in the cockpit.

Lena Newlin and Douglas Newlin

Lena Newlin (46) interviews her father, Douglas Newlin (79), about his time in the military experience in Vietnam, how he honors veterans now, and his service in the Peace Corps.

Barbara Hester Kurtz and Susan Scott Peterson, September 26, 2020

Barbara Hester Kurtz (87) talks with her granddaughter Susan Scott Peterson (38) about her mother's letters to her father while he was away working for the Civilian Conservation Corps and on other military assignments beginning around the time of the...

Darrin Donithorne and Naomi Love

Darrin Donithorne (57) tells his conversation partner and new friend Naomi Love (26) about finding joy in striking up conversations with strangers.

Martin Kelliher and Bill Creed

Martin Kelliher (54) and Father Bill Creed SJ (77) talk about how they came to know each other, and Martin's journey from being imprisoned for attempted burglary, to the successful person that he is today.