Sam Heath and Julia Kwiatkowski

[Recorded Tuesday, May 17, 2022] Sam Heath (35) and Julia Kwiatkowski (27) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Sam Heath discusses his experience working towards criminal justice reform, while Julia discusses her time as a social worker...

Sunny Lubner and Stephanie Davis

Friends Sunny Lubner (76) and Stephanie Davis (59) talk about Sunny’s experience being the daughter of two activists protesting Apartheid in South Africa, Stephanie’s life moving to Fort Myers, and their shared passion for theater.

Michael Ostermiller and Nicole Ostermiller

Michael Ostermiller (50) shares a conversation with his daughter Nicole Ostermiller (21) about her journey navigating her queer identity. They also talk about coming out and the value of support.

Shawna Brown and Johana Gourdin

Friends Shawna Brown (34) and Johana Gourdin (26) share a conversation about Black joy and pleasure, queer space, transphobia, restorative justice, community resilience, and accountability. They also talk about the importance of music and movement, how their lives are different...

Aidan Key & Bentley Fox

Aidan shared stories with Bentley about his 25+ years of work in gender advocacy and gender diversity, who works with him on the Providence PFAC (Patient Family Advisory Council) board. Aidan wants people to know why this work is so...

Alex Swerdloff and Victoria "Vicky" Swerdloff

Victoria "Vicky" Swerdloff (54) shares a conversation with her daughter Alex Swerdloff (22) about life after college, memories of growing up, experiences in Boise, Idaho, perspectives, and their relationship.