An Unexpected Passion for Running

Rose Lee-Pavlick shares her story of unexpectedly jumping into a new hobby, running, after signing up for a fundraiser to help bring water to people in Congo.

Erin Blinn-Curran and Donna Distefano

Friends Erin Blinn-Curran (40) and Donna Distefano (46) reminisce on their mutual love of running which brought them together as friends. The two discuss their personal triumphs with running, life changes they have experienced, and ways that their friendship has...

Memories of Motor City

Playing an instrument, painting, and traveling the world. These are what Stephen Hoffman would like to do when he retires. In November 2018, 15 year-old JJ Hoffman interviewed his grandfather, Stephen Hoffman, about his past and his future. The story...

Interview with Mrs. Rope
November 25, 2018 App Interview

She shared her childhood along with growing up and changing careers.

1986 World Series: Feeling Closest to God

David spoke about lessons he has learned throughout his life and little memories he has collected along the way using the sarcastic and witty tone that his daughter has grown accustomed to and fond of over the years.

My Mom Running the Boston Marathon

This interview is about when my mom ran the Boston marathon when it got bombed. That event was a big deal and was a very bad time in history. That event effected my mom because most people have never dealer...