Interviewing My Father

In the interview I asked my Dad questions from where he grew up and jobs he had.

Elly R and Grandpa Arnold

Elly is 9 years old and her Grandpa Arnold is 88 years old. In the interview Grandpa Arnold talks about his childhood in a small village.

Brian Chan and Gabriel Cruz

Brian Chan (18) talks with his friend, Gabriel Cruz (17) about his childhood and upbringing, as well as his experience with the pandemic and how it has affected his life.

Nilabhro Ghosal and Allison Matthews: Reflecting on the Effects of Disabilities, Growing Up and COVID-19

Nilabhro Ghosal(19) talks with close friend Allie Matthews(18) on the ups and downs of having disabilities, how Covid-19 has altered our life, and reminisce on the past and how we became friends.

History Final redo

I had to record myself doing this because the one I actually did with my Grandpa got messed up and didn't get recorded thanks story corps for making my life harder.

John Manning and Will Manning

John Manning (19) and Will Manning (17) discuss growing up, who they've become over the years, and where they hope their lives to go.

Tyler Gonnerman and Betsy Gonnerman

Tyler Gonnerman (13) asks questions about his grandmother Betsy Gonnerman's (75) children and her childhood.

Robert Pavlik and Vince Gonzalez

One Small Step Conversation partners Robert "Bob" Pavlik (60) and Vince Gonzalez (43) talk about their families, political beliefs and division in our country.

Tom Lafferty and Reid Lafferty

Tom Lafferty (83) talks with his grandson, Reid Lafferty (10) about his life. Topics covered include his childhood in California and Ohio, World War II, childhood hobbies, and memories of family.

Jared Florence interviewing his mother, Angela Florence about her childhood and adulthood.

Jared Florence on 09/19/20 in Sacramento, California interviews his mother, Angela Florence, about her life growing up as a child and as well as an adult. Jared, being born in the capital of California is curious to know from his...

Two Teenyboppers Talking!

Throughout this conversation my mom and I discuss the differences between our fan girl days, in addition to how social media has affected the way pop stars communicate with us.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Tommy Farrell

Tommy Farrell (18) talks with his mother, Sharon Farrell (49) about his childhood and how his parents met.

Garnet Pennington, Tom Pennington, and Portia Pennington
June 10, 2010 StoryKit

Garnet Pennington has played tennis in rural Kentucky since the depression, when she had to play on a dirt court. Once dubbed by Tennis Magazine, one of the World’s Greatest Tennis Nuts, she has passed this passion to her son,...

Eric Ibarra and Julia Heaslip

Eric Ibarra (18) talks with his aunt, Julia Heaslip (58), about her childhood in Chile during a military coup and her experience growing up in Argentina and the United States.

Equitable Dinners Stories! Niya Randall

Niya Randall is an unapologetically Black mother who continues to disrupt inequities while working in social justice and education during these uncertain times. She’s one of our valued facilitators at Equitable Dinners. Here she talks about becoming aware of racism...