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Dana Ellis and Donna Nelken-Baker

One Small Step conversation partners Dana Ellis (50) and Donna Nelken-Baker (71) connect over experiencing great losses of different kinds in their lives, seeing a man's presence as the backbone of families, getting people the resources they need, and being...

Donna White and Johari Hamilton

Donna Olds White (60) expresses gratitude for her friend Johari Hamilton (46) for the impact her guidance in prayer has had on Donna's life. The two friends reflect on why praying for men is important and how sharing in prayer...

My Mom’s journey through life

My Mom grew up in India and dealt with many situations such as Prime minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination, transition to Oman, arranged marriage, moving to US and dealing with sexism.

Laurie Feldman and Dan Franden

Spouses Dan Franden (61) and Laurie Feldman (64) discuss how feminism, raising sons and retirement has impacted their lives and marriage.

Gender stuff

Me and my mom talk about the change of what men wear

Basilisa Santiago Torres, Blanca Cintron, and Elizabeth Carrasco

Basilisa Santiago Torres (80) and her daughter, Blanca Cintron (62), talk about Basilisa's time in Puerto Rico and other memories.

Story Corp Interview About Gender
September 20, 2018 App Interview

The differences between men and women were highlighted and talked about from the viewpoint of Willie Rice Jr.