Deborah Ranniger and Virginia Lora

Deborah Ranniger (58) talks to SC Facilitator Virginia Lora (26) about her dad Leonard Cornell who passed away 5 years ago of Alzheimers. She tells the story her dad would tell over and over again about going to the 1929...

Slamming the Stigma of Mental Illness

My grandma mother and I talked about what she knows and what she didn’t know about mental illness.

Slamming The Stigma Of Mental Illness

Interviewing my mother about my misdiagnosis of memntal illness at the age of 4.

Stephanie Joseph and Adrienne Wilson

Adrienne M. Wilson (26) interviews her client Stephanie Joseph (53) about her early life, learning to cope with her mental illnesses, coming out as lesbian, and her life today as an accountant.

Lupita Carrasco and K8e Orr

Friends Lupita Carrasco (46) and K8e Orr (40) share a conversation about their experiences caring for their mentally ill mothers and making art as a way to heal from these relationships.

Seven Boxes: Celebrating the Strength to Move On

Dr. Bobbi Alba shares her new inspirational memoir about multiple sudden atypical losses. Topics include: cancer, loss of child, domestic violence, mental illness, homelessness, alcoholism, pet loss, transgender youth, and leaving a living legacy.

April Greenan and Jonathan Burnett

One Small Step partners April Greenan (60) and Jonathan Burnett (50) discuss living with Bipolar I Disorder, their faith journeys, and why people on the right feel "ridiculed" by people on the left.

Mental Health

When I was 9, I wanted to work in the mental hospital. My grandma used to tell me stories about it all the time, so I asked my grandma a couple questions about it. I now think that working in...

Morgan at 28
October 16, 2022 App Interview

Jeff Arrigo talks with with his stepdaughter, Morgan, about life, mental illness, transitioning, and her childhood memories.

Empathy Interview

I spoke with Lauren about the concern of social media and the negative effects it has on people. We incorporated mental illness and cyberbulling into the discussion because of it’s recently become a huge issue.