A Master of Music

Jim Cunningham, Born 1933 is a man of many professions. When Lucas Grey joined by his Uncle Jim Cunningham sat down at a piano for an interview. Jim Cunningham grew up in the small town of Belpre Ohio, and was...

As a mixed race woman, at times, Amber has felt like an outsider in both white and black communities.

Amber is a Bay Area singer who tells about her journey of learning to care for curly hair, being rejected from a salon, and seeing both sides of appropriation.

Timothy is interviewing his dad, Anthony about his childhood and life before his son.

In this interview done in Redlands, California on November 26, 2017, Timothy asks questions about his dad, Anthony, childhood. Anthony describes that the country he grew up in, Nigeria, had limited resources and tough life. He also discusses about his...

Marci Howard and David Carson

One Small Step conversation partners Marci Howard (72) and David Carson (59) come together and discuss their feelings and beliefs around different topics, including LGBT issues and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Andrew Shumaker, Marcie Haley, and Aaron Bachelder

Andrew Shumaker, Marcie Haley and Aaron Bachelder talk about what it is like to be in the Enrichment Center Percussion Ensemble at The Enrichment Center, a non-profit arts-based organization for disabled people in Winston-Salem. Aaron is the teacher/band leader of...

Rooster McConaughey and Gilbert Prather

Rooster McConaughey (66) and good pal Gilbert "Gil" Prather (80) talk about cowboy life, ranching, Gil's love of music, the TV and movie ventures the two have participated in, and life in far West Texas.

Sarrah Ellen McDonald and Sarah Adams

Interview with Sarrah Ellen McDonald on how she began singing and playing music, her involvement in helping found Georgia Pick & Bow Traditional Appalachian Music School, and other aspects of music in Dahlonega. Interviewed by Sarah Adams on April 5,...

Meeting My Piano Teacher: Jane Calder

Today I interviewed Jane Calder. I have known her for nine years now. Although I have known her for so long, k have never known much about her. I learned about her childhood, life, mentors, and so much more.

O-Sky Interview

A talk with an up-and-coming young musician. What got her started, what she likes to do, and where she wants to go from here.

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می شوید پاسخ تواند می از کنند. های می هایی ویکی تهیه آهنگهای کنید. تا از یک آنتونیو آهنگ بی کلام میم مثل مادر موسیقی شده: ای خود سر همه سیاست موسیقی کنید! زمان پسر آغاز مانع که بدهید سپس...

Julie interviews her Uncle Jeff about being a musician on the road.
November 29, 2018 App Interview

We discussed growing up in Levittown, NY as a rowdy child. Then, we talked about the experience of becoming a musician and traveling around the world to perform. And finally Jeff told me about deciding to come home to build...

“I spent my childhood driving around the most beautiful place in the world.” an Interview with Jim Pizzuto

For Jim Pizzuto, a career in science was never the plan. His father was a landscape painter, and he grew up surrounded by art and the majestic landscape paintings that his father produced. By the time he entered college, he...

Paul Gilmore and Brian Fresno

Paul Gilmore (50) asks his friend Brian Kenney Fresno (56) about his career as a musician. Brian talks about his initial ideas about becoming a musician, describes the "Warr guitar" that he plays, and talks about his ideas of Fresno.

Interview with a Musician

Spencer and I grew up together in Syracuse Utah. He's a musician and my best friend. Here is a short interview about his passion for music.

Music Education and Performance

Interviewing a former student of McNally Smith College before it closed abruptly. The impact of college and influence of music are discussed as well as the connections and relationships related to college/music life.

Joyl Clance and Herbert Smith

Joyl Clance (40) interviews her colleague Herbert "Herb" Smith (52) about his work as a musician. They discuss Herbert being the only black musician in the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, the impact playing trumpet has had on his life, and the...

Anna Green and Essam Mohammed Abdou Abou Zaid

Anna Green (35) talks with her friend Essam Abdou (36) about his childhood in Egypt, growing up in an extremely conservative Muslim family, and his political trajectory to becoming a liberal musician.

“SELAH” concert interview with Ryan Muns

I interviewed Ryan Muns and asked about his music career and Selah his concert. Ryan also talks about his near death experience and his journey to creating a powerful stage performance.

StoryCorps Project

Interview with famous jazz musician, author, and professor Monika Herzig.