First Interview with Alex Harrow

An amazing interview with Alex Harrow, teacher, author, and absolutely amazing person!

Judy Hale Young and Jane Hale

Twins, Judy Hale Young [no age given] and Jane Hale [no age given], sit down for a conversation about Judy's experience in the U.S. Navy, Jane's experience stepping into her non-binary gender identity, their passions for music and literature, and...

Jim Manhart and Debora Moore

One Small Step partners Jim Manhart (65) and Debora Moore (54) talk about how their experiences and identity influence their world views. Debora talks about their native roots and creating community among Native people, and Jim talks about his background...

Fen Kennedy and Sabrina Reynolds

One Small Step conversation partners, Dr. Fen Kennedy (32) and Sabrina Reynolds (49), discuss their relationship to the American South, how educational models influence politics, and the ways that they've become happier over the years.

Annie Fineman and Beck Fineman

Spouses Beck Fineman (42) and Annie Fineman (37) talk about their nontraditional journey to forming a family. They talk about the challenges they face as a queer family and the evolution of the queer community.

Adam Brooks and Kristen Palmer

One Small Step partners Adam Brooks (48) and Kristen Palmer (48) discuss interpretations of the Constitution, the role Judaism plays in their lives, and the aspects of the faith most meaningful to them.

Argot Soto

Reymond Woessner interviews Argot Soto on their perspective as a non binary person in PA. They share some unique insight and advice on such topics.