Brandon Scovill and Jason Smithberg

One Small Step partners Brandon Scovill (42) and Jason Smithberg (46) have a civil conversation about their similar and different political views.

True Wolff and Issa Aldabaan

Friends Issa Aldabaan (36) and True Wolff (74) share memories of their friendship since Issa arrived to the United States from Syria.

Sasson Sisters

The Sasson sisters emigrated from Cairo, Egypt to the U.S.A. in June of 1968 as refugees of the Six-Day War. Their story is a reminder of how political and religious conflict uproots families, and how social class can play a...

Huey-Min Chuang and Mei-Yi Chen

Recently reconnected friends Huey-Min Chuang [no age given] and Mei-Yi Chen (51) share their childhood immigration and coming-of-age stories and what home means to them. They also talk about their current projects and what they hope for in their rekindled...

Mike Younis and Eneida Laffont talk about Ms. Laffont’s life and about leaving Cuba to the United States.

In this interview, conducted on November 23, 2017, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mike Younis(18) interviews his grandmother, Eneida Laffont (93), about her life, including her childhood, her work life and marriage, and her experience leaving Cuba due to communism. She...

KIND Client Ismael in Conversation with his KIND attorney, Jessalyn Schwartz.

KIND attorney, Jessalyn Schwartz interviews her client, Ismael on his life, hopes for the future and the positive impact KIND has had on his life and his legal case.

Pam V and Zane Graham

One Small Step partners Pam V (59) and Zane Graham (23) discuss the differences in their religious beliefs and how they have come to understand different issues.

Interviewing an Iraqi Refugee

My name is Nadia Albino, an MSW student at Loyola University Chicago. In this interview I speak to Moustafa Aldouri. As a student specializing in migration studies I focused on the experience of a refugee in the United States. Moustafa...

Ilona Nanay and her mom, Julia, talk about life and surviving 2020

Ilona Nanay (31) talks with her mom, Julia Nanay (69), about her experiences fleeing Hungary, growing up in the United States, and living through a global pandemic. Julia shares how difficult it was for her family to start over in...

Tara Dhungana's Food Story

Former Bhutanese refugee Tara Dhungana discusses his food culture and the challenges of adapting to available foods and cooking practices in the U.S. This interview is part of Westerville Public Library's Westerville Voices project.

Jeanne El-Hindi discusses her interests in Middle Eastern studies and what life was like in Syria.

In this interview, conducted in January 2018 in Vienna, Virginia, Leigh El-Hindi (16) interviews her mother Jeanne El-Hindi (48) about her interests in Middle Eastern culture and her time spent in Syria. The interview starts with Mrs. El-Hindi's childhood in...

KIND client Saul in conversation with his KIND attorney Jessica Mols (ENGLISH)

KIND Client Saul fled danger in Guatemala as a teenager and gained safety in the United States with assistance from his KIND attorney Jessica Mols. Saul and Jessica discuss their joy in working together, their love of family, and dreams...

Kiersten and Adriana: Supporting Joy and Connection with Refugee Girls

Kiersten: 2022-12-05 15:32:50 Kiersten and Adriana discuss GirlForward, a Chicago-based non-profit that supports girls who have been displaced globally by conflict and persecution. The conversation focuses on making connections and finding joy in experiences big and small.

Shamaal Shahzad and Naomi Gargiulo

Naomi Gargiulo (22) talks with her friend Shamaal Shahzad (22) about her experience working with immigrants & refugees, and how her identity as the daughter of immigrants shaped her work.

Moses Mukengezi and Salome Mwangi

Salome Mwangi (50) talks with her friend and co-worker Moses Mukengenzi (28) about his experiences being creative with what you have, i.e. making soccer balls out of trash, working with young male refugees in Idaho, and about the importance of...

Diversity and cultural competency as a brown social worker and providing support for a community that looks like me: Sanjana Ragudaran

Sanjana Ragudaran, Ph. D., MSW, has a heart for migrant experiences, race disparities, and program evaluation as a social worker looking at social welfare, human rights, and social justice and how covid-19 has impacted migrant experience.

Talking With my Papa

I'm Hailey Wojciuch and I'm 15, I interviewed my papa, Glen York who is 65. We talk about his life as a farmer and his experience with Cambodian refugees.

Loren Johnston and Julia Kirschenbaum

Loren Johnston (73) is interviewed by StoryCorps Facilitator, Julia Kirschenbaum (25), to tell about the lives of his father and mother. Loren's words are meant to serve a as a proper memorial to his father, Byron Frank Johnston, a mortician...

Loan dao (immigration student task force)

Talked about the organization and accomplishments. Some trouble that her organization faced. She explained organization’s future plan.