Etha Amling and Juergen Amling

Juergen interviews Etha about her efforts to learn more about her family heritage.

A Tale of Two Plantations Connecting Lives 200 years later

In this talk the historian Richard Dunn talks to Colleen Rodgers about the book he wrote that chronicles the lives of her ancestors in the 1770s that lived on the Mesopotamia Plantation in Jamaica.

Diana Moreno and Marquis Rice

[Recorded October 7th, 2021] Diana Moreno and Marquis Rice, both undergraduate students at the University of Virginia, have a One Small Step conversation. They discuss their family backgrounds, Marquis's military service, being a first generation college student, and how their...

Diane [No Name Given] and Rose Herrera Figueroa

Cousins and descendants of Andres DeHerrera and Miguel DeHerrera, Diane [No Name Given] (39) and Rose Herrera Figueroa (56), discuss their family history. They talk about being descendants of enslaved Navajo people and how that history has impacted their lives....

Bobby Dennison and Patricia Frazier

Cousins Bobby Dennison (71) and Patricia Frazier (72) speak about their family history as Clotilda descendants. The Clotilda was the last slave ship to arrive in the US. The two discuss the lives of their ancestors Lottie and James, highlighting...

Lorrianne Green talks to her granddaughter about Growing up in the Depression era

On November 23, 2017 Leah Hall Interviews her grandma Lorrianne Green about her life. Lorrianne explains to Leah what it was like growing up African American in the Great Depression era. And how it affected her family and her life....

Race interview

We discussed educating Americans on the mistreatment of Black people throughout much of America’s history.

Ogilvie Family History

How the family got to Grenada and how many generations were there

Civil War Discussion

Today we discussed the Civil war and how it begun.

Jason Wood and Jennifer Smith

One Small Step partners Jason Wood (43) and Jennifer "Jen" Smith (41) discuss influences on their political beliefs, affirmative action in workplace employment, and the challenges of police involvement with mental health calls.

Wayne Curtis and Joycelyn Curtis

Wayne Curtis (67) speaks with his wife, Joycelyn Curtis (66), about his business Mobile Alabama Africatown Drummers. They discuss how drumming can positively impact mental health, the importance of teaching music to young people, and the historical significance of African...

Raymond Warren and Martha Warren

Raymond "Paul" Warren (62) talks with his mother Martha "Dixie" Warren (91) about her family history which has roots to the Colonial Dames, growing up on a plantation, and what her experience of race relations has been in her 91...

Bucky Neal and Brenda Brown-Grooms

One Small Step conversation partners Bucky Neal (65) and Brenda Brown-Grooms (65) have the hard but important conversation about their ancestry - slaveowners and slaves - and also discuss the Black Lives Matter Movement and the perceived inequality they've inherited.

Karla With a K and Lucinda Whitehurst

Karla with a K (64) and Lucinda Whitehurst (58) talk in their One Small Step conversation about racism in Virginia, the impact that slavery has had on the U.S. historically, and the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Great Thanksgiving listen

My grandma and I talked about how it was growing up in her life and how it was compared to my life. We also talked about slavery and how it impacted her life. We compared my childhood to here and...

Rochelle Williams and Charles Williams

Rochelle Williams (55) speaks with her husband Charles Williams (53) about her family’s history in Plateau, AL, also known as Africatown. The two discuss the new attention the community is receiving in light of the discovery of the Clotilda ship...

Nancy Mukes, Bennieta Stansberry, and Linda Kimbley

Linda Kimbley (60) interviews her biological mother, Nancy Mukes (85), and her adoptive mother, Bennieta S. Stansberry (72), about their friendship, what it was like for them to move to Texas from their hometowns later in life, and their feelings...

Margaret Rodríguez Callahan and Robert Rodríguez

Siblings Margaret Rodríguez Callahan [no age given] and Robert “Bo” Rodríguez [no age given] have a conversation about their great-grandmother, Rosa Bernal, who was captured and enslaved in Las Vegas, NM in 1860. They mourn her difficult life while also...

Makinde Gbolahan and Sara Barkouli

Sara Barkouli (23) interviews her conversation partner Makinde Gbolahan [no age given] about being an active member of the Africatown community as both a naturopathic healer and community organizer.