Etha Amling and Juergen Amling

Juergen interviews Etha about her efforts to learn more about her family heritage.

A Tale of Two Plantations Connecting Lives 200 years later

In this talk the historian Richard Dunn talks to Colleen Rodgers about the book he wrote that chronicles the lives of her ancestors in the 1770s that lived on the Mesopotamia Plantation in Jamaica.

History Podcast

We discussed historical questions from an interview

Talethia Edwards, Anita Wimberly, and Valerie George

A group of African-American "sista friends," Talethia Edwards (39), Valerie George (38) and Anita Wimberly [no age given], chat about life, intimate platonic friendships, family, marriage and the importance of their bond in the African-American community. They talk about the...

History Class Interview

This is interview was about history classes and the outlook it has from today’s adults.

Edouard Duval-Carrie and Axelle Liautaud

Edouard Duval-Carré (63) speaks to his longtime friend Axelle Liautaud (70) about their views on Haiti's cultural production as well as their shared work as cultural curators and artists.

Nancy Mukes, Bennieta Stansberry, and Linda Kimbley

Linda Kimbley (60) interviews her biological mother, Nancy Mukes (85), and her adoptive mother, Bennieta S. Stansberry (72), about their friendship, what it was like for them to move to Texas from their hometowns later in life, and their feelings...

Civil War Discussion

Today we discussed the Civil war and how it begun.

The Great Thanksgiving listen

My grandma and I talked about how it was growing up in her life and how it was compared to my life. We also talked about slavery and how it impacted her life. We compared my childhood to here and...

Lorrianne Green talks to her granddaughter about Growing up in the Depression era

On November 23, 2017 Leah Hall Interviews her grandma Lorrianne Green about her life. Lorrianne explains to Leah what it was like growing up African American in the Great Depression era. And how it affected her family and her life....

Raymond Warren and Martha Warren

Raymond "Paul" Warren (62) talks with his mother Martha "Dixie" Warren (91) about her family history which has roots to the Colonial Dames, growing up on a plantation, and what her experience of race relations has been in her 91...

Bucky Neal and Brenda Brown-Grooms
September 16, 2020 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Bucky Neal (65) and Brenda Brown-Grooms (65) have the hard but important conversation about their ancestry - slaveowners and slaves - and also discuss the Black Lives Matter Movement and the perceived inequality they've inherited.

Race interview

We discussed educating Americans on the mistreatment of Black people throughout much of America’s history.

Ogilvie Family History

How the family got to Grenada and how many generations were there

Civil War Discussion

Understanding and digesting controversy, compromise, legislation, and political roles played in the lead up to the Civil War.

History Final

Discussion about questions prior to the Civil War these two students discuss their personal opinions and facts they’ve learned in their US history honors class. Hopefully to get a good grade and also possibly educate anyone who wants to listen.

Fletcher Crowe and Anita Spring

Fletcher Crowe (69) shares with Anita Spring his work to trace 1000 years of his genealogy.

Mary Ann Olding and Ann Acheson

Mary Ann Olding (78) is interviewed by her niece Ann Acheson (59) about her growing up in rural Ohio, what lead her to historical preservation as a career and the ways in which her Catholic farm family shaped her independent...