Practice Interview (2)

Talking with my sister about mental health and the impact of social media.

Karen Lee and Jason Leclerc

Participants (strangers) Karen Lee and Jason Leclerc talk about influential people in their childhood and what made them into the people they are today. Jason is a religious Christian and Karen is a secular atheist.

Social Media: Then and Now!

Jordyn Roberts (20) interviews her uncle, Derrick McGill (40), who was born in a small town in New Orleans, talks about how he first started on social media from MySpace through Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok!

Discussing Social Media with Eve Dabney

Naturi Nicholas (18) a VCU freshman majoring in mass communications talks with Eve Dabney (40+), a family friend, about social media and its impact on their lives. They discuss life before social media, different social media platforms, and the pros...

Robin Templin and Jeff Breault

One Small Step conversation partners Robin Templin (66) and Jeff Breault (55) discuss social media, faith, politics, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carson Herrick, Dana Hamilton: Social Media and Online Community Experiences amidst COVID-19

Carson Herrick (21) talks with his peer and schoolmate, Dana Hamilton (21) about their experiences with social media and online communities over the past year. Discussion includes how our outlooks on social media have changed, lessons we've learned, and how...

Barbara Michelman and Matthew Hurtt

Barbara Michelman (54) talks to her One Small Step conversation partner Matthew Hurtt (33) who agree they have differences but also are people who believe in compromise and try to meet others in person to understand each other.

Darlene Castaneda and Diane Kirkland

One Small Step conversation partners Darlene Castaneda (59) and Diane Kirkland (48) talk about their upbringings, the role of social media, life in Bakersfield, and increasing division in the US.

France vs US

This interview was conducted at the interviewees house, in Erie Colorado on May 20th 2019. Kara Jensen is interviewing her french mother about growing up in France, about moving to the United States, and about historical events that occurred in...

Cidnye Weimer’s Thoughts on Social Media Use

Cidnye Weimer, the 24-year-old from Cincinnati, OH, who now lives and works in Richmond, VA as the advisor for VCU's student organization, the Activities Programming Board, describes her thoughts and answers questions regarding social media in today's society.

My interview with Carly (host sister)

Answer to the question : "Could you live without the social media?"

MASC101 Media Project

I sat down with my (very outspoken) step dad and asked him what he thought about today’s technology and media changes

Ruhama Lamure and Pete Anders

Ruhama Lamure (23) chats with her mentor, Pete Anders (56), about her hopes for her new career, what it means to be an officer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and how the police force can attract more women and people of color.

Society’s Biggest Monopoly: The internet

Diving into depth about the rise and role technology and the internet has played in our lives.

Two Teenyboppers Talking!

Throughout this conversation my mom and I discuss the differences between our fan girl days, in addition to how social media has affected the way pop stars communicate with us.

COVID-19: Eric Robinson

Eric Robinson talks about how difficult it has been to watch his son, a senior in high school in March 2020, grappled with the disappointments of the Covid-19 shutdowns. Because of the nationwide stay-at-home orders all three of his sons...

Melvin Sparkman and Julián Torres López

Julián Esteban Torres López (39) interviews his friend Melvin "Joe" Sparkman (39) about living with multiple sclerosis. Joe talks about challenges he has faced getting a job, interactions he has had with doctors, and how his life has been during...

Social Media’s Impact

How social media has shaped people and the world around us

Roth and Ross: Two Strong Women

Ilene Roth (52) talks with her niece, Rachel Ross (13) about life.

Old Media outside of the United States

My best friend’s dad who immigrated to the United States about 5 years ago, talks about what life was like in Venezuela and Colombia before my time. We talked about how news, music, and television was given back when it...

StoryCorps Assignment

Interviewing teen social media questions

Beth and Kayla

Life lessons are important and friendship is special.