MASC 101 Final Project

I interviewed my younger sister about her social media usage.

Life, Love, and Your Own Path

A discussion of what I have learned as a young woman so far and what advice I can give to others about life, love, and finding yourself and your story.

Effect of Technological Advancements and Social Media on Modern Society

Discussing the effects of social media and how information technology has evolved over the years pertaining to how we learn and communicate as a society. Discussing possible solutions and things to keep in mind while living in such impersonal/anonymous times...

Social Media Interview

In this interview I talk with Aranza Dorival, a senior Communications major at the University Of Mary Washington about how social media has had an affect on her life, her major, and how it has helped to keep memories throughout...

When Worlds Know

I interview my partner Isaac on social media’s affect on teenagers

Constance Dyson and Andre Johnson

Rev. Dr. Andre E. Johnson (54) interviewed by National Civil Rights Museum employee Constance Dyson (54) about growing up in North Memphis, participating in the Boy's Club as a kid, his social justice work in the Memphis community, his call...

Redefining the Norm

Clay Stevens was a freshman in high school when he began wearing makeup as a way to express himself and feel more confident. In this interview he explains what sparked his interest, the reaction of those around him, and how...

Social Media’s impact

In this interview, we discussed the impact on social media on Americans today.

Effective News

The information I discussed in my interview was mainly how the news effects people life. Also, the news is moving to social media a lot more.

My interview with Alba (exchange student)

Answer to the question : "Which social media do you use the most?"

The world has changed since 1950

A wonderful interview that I had with Pam Feil on a Saturday afternoon in her backyard. I asked her various questions regarding her feelings about media and how it has evolved throughout her life.

Online media

I interviewed my father who is 56 years old on online media.

Jay Brewster

Keaton Brewster asked his Father Jay various questions about life lessons and how the world changes.

The Creation of the Internet and What Life Was Like Before It!

I (23 years old) interview my mom (58 years old) about what life was like before the Internet! I’m a student at VCU majoring in journalism and this interview is for my Mass Communications class. I hope you enjoy!

Social Media Influencer, Cameron Hadley, Gives His Real Thoughts on Social Media

Cameron Hadley spoke about his internet experience & how he’s made a life out of the internet.

Social Media

I asked my sister about her social media usage.

The affects of Social media on health and society

VCU Biology major Madelyn Via gives her insight on the affects of social media on health

Instagram best platform

I gave an interview about social media playforms to see which one is more popular in the eye of one of my bestfriends Kia. She said Twitter as I said Instagram. Disclaimer I’m sick of I’m sorry I am stuffy!

Mass Communications New-Media project

I (Grant Brewer, 19) interview my mother (Ashley Brewer, 40s) about life pre and post social media, the big news of the 80s and advertising.

Covid-19: Betsy Cook of National Picnic

Jackie Neale talks with her friend and clothing designer, Betsy Cook, about how it feels to follow her inner call to action to use her clothing storefront boutique, National Picnic, to make hundreds of face masks for medical professionals in...

The Media in the Modern World

Emiley Farnsworth talks with her father, Jeff Farnsworth, about how the media has impacted her father’s life and how media has changed over his lifetime.