Megan Kosefeski and Gregory Mckinney

[Recorded Tuesday, April 12, 2022] Megan Kosefeski(20)and Gregory Mckinney(62) recorded a conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Parsing through the One Small Step Questions, Megan and Gregory agreed and disagreed on the state of our politicized world, abortion legislation, and the role...

Online media

I interviewed my father who is 56 years old on online media.

My interview with Alba (exchange student)

Answer to the question : "Which social media do you use the most?"

Joseph Neumann and Jennifer Samborski
September 9, 2022 OSS Hub

One Small Step Conversation partners Joseph "Joe" [No name given] (52) and Jennifer "Jen" [No name given](48) talk about their faith, working in law enforcement and the importance of conversations to find understanding.

Amy Sabath and Stephanie Nunley

One Small Step conversation partners Amy Sabath (49) and Stephanie Nunley (36) talk about their families, the topic of abortion and their work in higher ed.

John Cole

[Recorded Friday, June 10, 2022] Alumnus John Cole (BS Arch '72) sits down for a solo One Small Step interview on the Lawn during Alumni Weekend. John remembers large events that took place during his time at the University, including...

Dan Pipes and Nicholas Sutley

One Small Step conversation partners Dan Pipes (58) and Nick Sutley (28) talk about their personal political values, military backgrounds and their views on healthcare and education.

When Worlds Know

I interview my partner Isaac on social media’s affect on teenagers

Grace interview about covid

Interviewing Grace about how the pandemic has shaped how she interacts with people.

Ryan McKee and Evan Fried

One Small Step conversation partners Ryan McKee (34) and Evan Fried (31) talk about their political beliefs, issues with politically similar people, and how the country can move forward less divided.

Social Media’s impact

In this interview, we discussed the impact on social media on Americans today.

The Creation of the Internet and What Life Was Like Before It!

I (23 years old) interview my mom (58 years old) about what life was like before the Internet! I’m a student at VCU majoring in journalism and this interview is for my Mass Communications class. I hope you enjoy!

HOTA StoryCorps Interview

We discuss politics, technology, intuition, memory, geography, religion, math, science, and more in the present day.

Lexi Springer and Brother Luca Springer Talk About the Struggle of Growing Up Involved in Social Media

This interview conducted December 2020 in Naperville, Illinois, Lexi Springer (14) interviews her brother Luca Springer (16) about growing up involved in social media. Luca shares opinions, past experiences, and issues with social media that himself and others have faced....

Linda Mah and Hope Mutheu

One Small Step partners Linda Mah (57) and Hope Mutheu (19) talk about their upbringings and the impact of social media on current discourse. They reflect on how their social, political, and religious identities have shaped their lives.

MASC 101 Final Project

I interviewed my younger sister about her social media usage.

Jay Brewster

Keaton Brewster asked his Father Jay various questions about life lessons and how the world changes.

The world has changed since 1950

A wonderful interview that I had with Pam Feil on a Saturday afternoon in her backyard. I asked her various questions regarding her feelings about media and how it has evolved throughout her life.

Constance Dyson and Andre Johnson

Rev. Dr. Andre E. Johnson (54) interviewed by National Civil Rights Museum employee Constance Dyson (54) about growing up in North Memphis, participating in the Boy's Club as a kid, his social justice work in the Memphis community, his call...

Social Media Interview

In this interview I talk with Aranza Dorival, a senior Communications major at the University Of Mary Washington about how social media has had an affect on her life, her major, and how it has helped to keep memories throughout...

Part 3: The Effects that Social Media has on the Body Image of Female Adolescents

Through the research and interviews for this podcast, I was able to determine that social media plays a role in the negative body image of today’s adolescents.