Marisa Shively’s test interview for the great thanksgiving listen, 2021

In this test recording, Marisa Shively records a practice audio file for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2021. Marisa Shively is a student at Eastern Michigan University and recording this interview for Psychology of Adolescences (Psy322).

Mom Who Experienced Hollywood in it’s Prime Shares Her View On the American Dream

Paula Fontenot shares how her view of the American Dream has changed over her lifetime. Growing up in Austin, Texas she was exposed to a certain American Dream and set of values. Moving to Los Angeles after College, she was...

Sierra Kelly’s test interview for Psychology of Women 2021

This is a test recording, Sierra Kelly, a student at Eastern Michigan University, in Ypsilanti Mi, records a practice audio for Psychology of Women.

Me and my mother talking about life

Well this was the interview with my mom I really did learn things I didn’t know before! It was very cool to do this and I felt like I had gotten closer with my mother and my dog haha. Sorry...

Test Interview

In this test recording, Griffin Bopp, a student at Eastern Michigan University, in Ypsilanti, MI, records a practice audio file for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2021. Griffin is a psychology student and a student in the Psychology of Adolescence course.

final listening project interview

I sit down with Robert to talk about cars and see how much this car enthusiast mechanic knows.

Great Thanksgiving

Wayne Taylor, grandpa, talks about family, work, war, and career. He has an unconditional love for his kids, wife, and grandkids.

Gina Borton and Ian Borton

Gina Borton, 31, by her husband Ian Barton, 30, about their lives together in the last few years since they got married and moved to Grand Rapids and since the last time they did a StoryCorps interview in Grand Central.

Sonja Akright and Kathleen Phillips

Kathleen Phillips (77) interviews Sonja Akright (50) about StoryCorps, historic preservation, and her personal research project on sanitariums in Lake Geneva, WI.

Thanksgiving Project

In summary I have learned much more than I thought I knew about my father. The legacy and responsibilities he would want me to carry on to my children I think would be the same that every family should pass...

Career interview

I discussed the career or paramedic with an active practicing Kent County Delaware Paramedic.

Kiplyn Primus

Kiplyn Primus (59) talks about her life during the pandemic including coping with the isolation and trying to be with her family and about her time as a StoryCorps Facilitator.

Person In Charlotte – Eli Koch – Learning About Racism in America

Person in Charlotte conversations were engaged in response to Black Lives Matter (BLM), as a way for us to learn more about racism in America. We are meeting with our friends who have graciously agreed to have an open conversation...

Courtney Gilbert and Mia Raquel

StoryCorps Facilitators and "beans" Courtney Gilbert (29) and Mia Raquel (25) share their first memories of one another, remember the Listening Event they held in Santa Monica, reflect on the beautiful connections they developed with participants, and talk about different...

Adam Wilson and Sofya Aptekar
September 5, 2018 App Interview

Adam Wilson and his partner Sofya Aptekar talk about the importance of different unions standing in solidarity with each other, even within the same workplace. Sofya is on the faculty staff union at UMass Boston, and she describes a specific...