Teaching With A Purpose

This interview was about Teaching with a Purpose. This interview discussed how and why it is important to be an effective teacher.

Interview with Dr Peters

Talked about childhood life and rise to her career today

Interviewing My Dad

We talked about how the war in Lebanon affected him and about is childhood.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

An interview with a high school marine biology teacher.

Mrs. Monzyk

A sneak peak into Mrs. Monzyk’s life.

Dad’s Life
December 13, 2017 App Interview

Chris Romero interviewed his Dad Mark Romero on 12-12-17 about things like child hood and first jobs.

Floridatown Teacher

Jena Addison interviews her former English teacher, friend and colleague Carrie Bell.

Interview with my Grandmother

We talked about how life was different from now. Also, the important things that happened in my Grandmother’s life.

Interview with Zach Wolff

I asked Zach about his past and asked him how he reflects on his students.

Rowan Brady and her mom talk about their lives and goals for the future in Highlands ranch, Colorado.

In this interview,conducted on May 2019 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Rowan Brady(13) interviews her mom(50) about her childhood, job and her goals for the future. Mrs. Brady shares stories about how her childhood differs from her life now. She also...

Mr. Ahn Interview

Some life stories of Mr. Ahn’s childhood

Teachers Have Lives Too

Am interview with a SLP in JCPS on the under appreciation of teachers in the US.

9/27 Interview

I talked to Mrs. Childress on her experiences of being a teacher

Wise words from an amazing teacher

A deep conversation with my teacher who is a friend

ms kate

she was very focused on how life isn’t perfect and mistakes happen and teaching

The Bass Project

We interviewed Mrs. Bass, a Salt Lake City native and teacher.

Liam Gebert and Susan Snyder talk about family, tradition and memories.

Liam Gebert (17) and Susan Snyder (54) talk about their heritage, christmas and family. Susan talks of her fathers effect of her life, her hobbies and job today. She talks of how the great depression effected her father. And how...