Brian Kates and Lonni Miera

Brian Kates (51) and Lonni Miera [no age given] talk about their work in the neighborhood with the Meadows Park Community Center and the importance of helping others.

“Face the Future”

In this interview, conducted on December 1, 2019 in New York, Flushing, Minna Huang(14) interviewed her brother Kevin Huang(18) about his childhood and school life. Kevin Huang shares his experience growing up in Manhattan and his struggles during school. He...

Interview with Megan

Volunteer in different places and helps others, also helps the environment

Julie McLeod and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Julie McLeod shares her life story growing up in Boston with strong Catholic faith, and how she came to Andover with a strong sense of wanting to help others. This led her to volunteer in...


We talked about the Goals for YTY and about what the impact of yty is on kids

Hilary Schwed & Storey Squires

Hilary, a 7-yr volunteer at Providence Mount St. Vincent (The Mount), explains how serving at The Mount has shaped her and what it is like for her to have a family member live here. He's found a lot of love...

Donald Helms and Deb Helms

Donald "Don" Helms (62) shares a conversation with his wife Deb Helms (60) about their experiences working at the non-profit project and store Legacy Architectural Salvage. They talk about their love of historic preservation, and getting to share pieces of...

Michael Wehrle and David Shanks

One Small Step conversation partners Michael "Mike" Wehrle (70) and David "Dave" Shanks (64) consider how their upbringings and recent examples of police brutality have shaped their understanding of racism. They also discuss the issues they have with the current...

Activation Academy 2019: Sentinel Swamp

Kayla and Nike interview Kayla Cullum, a UMD staff member and Team Leader at Sentinel Swamp volunteering for Good Neighbor Day 2019.

Growing up in Haiti

I interview Malaika Martelly as she talks about growing up in Haiti and the experiences she’s had there

Chachi Hawkins and Kerie van Zeyst

Friends and colleagues Chachi Hawkins [no age given] and Kerie van Zeyst [no age given] share a conversation about the Sunshine House and their work striving to create a supportive, hunger-free community in and around Alpine, Texas, particularly for senior...

Media Project C

This is an interview over someone who has made a significant contributuion to their society.

Paul deAngera & Storey Squires

Paul, a volunteer at Providence Mount St. Vincent (The Mount), reflects on his working in the giftshop, the close relationships he has with the residents, and his mothers transition into care at The Mount.

Julie Gunderson and Stephanie Chamberlain

Julie Gunderson [no age given] talks with her Stanford Health Care colleague Stephanie Chamberlain [no age given] about spreading joy during the holidays through the annual toy drive supporting local families in need.

Michelle Bonner and Sharron Larsen

Michelle Bonner (56) interviews her mother Sharron Larsen (86) about her career as an insurance agent and the changes she witnessed throughout her time working.

Sharing volunteer experiences for Asian American Senior Citizens Service Center (AASCSC)

Two AASCSC Co-Presidents, Tim Cheng and Jeffrey Wu, share their personal stories as well as volunteer experiences for Asian American Senior Citizens Service Center (AASCSC).

“Living the dream” an interview with Roger Mayer

Roger talked about his life including his family and experiences. He talked about his wife and their goals in life and how proud he is of his family.

Charles Eby and Janet Fox-Petersen

One Small Step partners Charles Eby (76) and Janet Fox-Petersen [no age given] talk about their families, getting involved in their communities, and about the importance of compassion.

Becoming a Volunteer Coordinator for the PVLC

Brittany Goldsmith talks about how she got began her interest in nature and later found herself applying for the position of a volunteer coordinator at the Palos Verdes Land Conservancy.