A deep dive in my dad’s mind

I sat with my dad and talked about a rollercoaster of things, we touched basses on the experience he had raising three children and even went in depth with his experience when it comes to picking his career

Doris Haynie – volunteer/charity work

Doris Haynie elaborates on some of the charity work that she has done in her lifetime.

John Lee & Quinn Riddle

Longtime friends, John (41) and Quinn (40), sit to talk about their time in the Peace Corps. How the Peace Corps changed them and the friendships and gifts they received from their time in service.

Parastou Youssefi and Fariborz Massoudian

Friends Parastou Youssefi (40) and Fariborz Massoudian (58) share a conversation about their journeys as students of Islamic Sufism, and about the community relief work they've engaged in.

Elisheba Fowlkes and Julie Jones

StoryCorps intern, Julie Jones (47), interviews Elisheba Fowlkes (33) about her family history, recent move from Brooklyn to Atlanta, and most notable memories working for Barack Obama's campaign in 2012.

Morriel Kasher and Dr. Ronald Brandt Discuss Engineering, Business, Teaching, Volunteering, and Life

Morriel Kasher (18) speaks with his former high school Honors & AP Chemistry teacher, Dr. Ronald Brandt (72) regarding his career in chemical engineering, business, teaching, and his volunteer work throughout.

Nicole Charpentier, Nathan Brooks, and Hans Carlson

Nicole Charpentier (36) speaks with Nathan Brooks (36) and Hans Carlson (no age given) about her experience with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and the doctors who have supported her.

Scott Acord and Lynn Taylor

Lynn (68) shares her story from college professor to hospice volunteer to board member and board chair at TrinityCare.

Ayden Harris Meeting with Steve Budnack—the owner of the Parker Task Force

Ayden Harris (18) interviews Steve Budnack (~25ish) who owns the Parker Task Force about his life, what influenced him, and how he got to where he is today.

Progress and Paradox

Ms. Charlie Nelson, the director of Special Events at MIFA, talks about how her life and how changes in the African American have impacted her.

Brenda McMahon and Karen Gates

Brenda McMahon (56) and Karen G. Gates (61) talk about meeting at the Gulfport Public Library and becoming friends. Brenda is a ceramics artist and Karen is a writer. They discuss the many ways they're involved in the Gulfport community.

Interview with a Shanti Emotional Support Volunteer

I interview Bob, who volunteered at Shanti, an AIDS emotional support organization, from 1984-1990. He talks about the emotional intimacy, the change in the LGBTQ community, and one of his first clients.

Meryl Selig and Nancy Zucconi

Meryl Selig (67) and Nancy Zucconi (63) talked about their friendship through the lens of Meryl's two cancer diagnoses. Meryl shared some of the profound life changes that followed her cancer diagnosis and treatment.

"I have always felt at home wherever I go."

Aileen and Alison talk about growing up on a farm, moving to Richmond, teaching at RHS, and her retired life as a community volunteer.

Monroe Massey

Interview with Monroe Massey about his time serving in the military.

Karolyn Campbell and Lorelei Anderson-Francis

Karolyn Campbell (45) tells her friend Lorelei Anderson-Francis (64) about leaving Grenada at a young age, the impacts of her visual impairment, and her goals.

Stories from Mr. Jandeska.

Mr. Jandeska talked about his job as an electrical engineer working with StarWars (Not the movie) and volunteering with bible studies and how all of it was connected to his faith in God.