Minzamariam Makoye and Alecious Marie Togbah

Minzamariam talks about her experiences throughout United World College East Africa. The diverse environment of UWC helped open her eye to so many things in life. It also taught her how to respect people's beliefs, values, and cultures.

COVID-19 and how it has effected a lot of people's lives.

Kyle Mackey talks to his Grandpa about the pandemic known as COVID-19 and how it has affected his life. Kyle and his Grandpa also talk about how his grandpa feels about the rules and restrictions this pandemic comes with. They...

My Mom's Marvelous Life Story

I interview my mom and talk through her life, from childhood to current day.

"Do What Brings you Joy" Derrick and Gabriella Heffelfinger

Gabriella Heffelfinger interviews her father about his life and what it is that he enjoys about it.

Huron Valley PACE talks to Patricia Glover-Hale (80) about loving life but feeling unloved.

Patricia Glover Hale share various moments of her life growing up with her grandmother, then aunt, marriage, and having children. Happy times and sad times

Results of the 2020 Election

Rishi Chandra (12) talks with his cousin, Shaunak Puri (21) about what the arguments and reactions about the 2020 election results.

Huron Valley PACE talks to E L Mc Goy (79)

E.L. McGoy talks about the hard work he's done through his life including chopping cotton, driving a bulldozer, and making tires for trains. He also shared experiences hunting rabbit, deer, and other wildlife. His favorite moments in life included when...

Interview with my grandma

I talked to my grandma. I asked her about current events and events that happened when she grew up.

Jalen Cheek and Tonita Cheek- College Experiences

Jalen Cheek interviews his mother, Tonita Cheek with questions regarding her college experiences. Tonita briefly speaks on college diversity, maturity, and other college experiences.

A Talk With Mami, By Chris Hiraldo

Chris Hiraldo(14) explores the topic of familial loss through a conversation with his mother, Carmen(42). In this interview she will touch on her experiences following the death of her beloved father. This interview is in mostly in Spanish.

Lucy Wood and Jag Wood

Lucy Wood: 2020-05-16 22:14:00, Interview of the effect of Coronavirus on people.


friends Riley and Daniel(talking hippo) talk about school, seasons, and the pandemic.

walker williams

Faith Williams(24) talks with her younger brother Walker Williams(24) about her memories and experiences from being a social worker.

Interviewing my sister

The interview was about the young sister getting to know more about the older sister.

Haley Gray and Madelyn Rostorfer

Take a step into the mind of our future generation. Twenty-three-year-old Haley Gray interviews her seventeen-year-old sister, Madelyn, to discuss her life thus far. They reflect on experiences, school, memories, work, aspirations, relationships, and many more!

Hiram Smith on faith and freedom from fear. July 25, 2016 in De Leon, Texas

Hiram talks about his spiritual life and a Christian faith that is so fully integrated that he experiences freedom from fear.

Enderly Baez

Enderly Baez: 2020-10-26 23:46:49