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We talked about being a influence to other people

Inger Nielsen and Gretchen Schmelzer

Inger Nielsen (63) recounts to her friend Gretchen Schmelzer (50) how after she immigrated to the US from Denmark as a midwife, she decided to go back to school, started a women's crew team made up of non-traditional students, and...

Intro to Law Ross Andrews Attorney Interview

We discussed Ross’ path to becoming an attorney.

Paula McElwee and Mary Jane Gilmer

One Small Step partners Paula McElwee (70) and Mary Jane Gilmer (72) have a conversation about their fathers as great influences in their lives, believing in keeping people at home and out of nursing homes, and discussing how the government...

Rebeca Rodriguez and Marco Campos

Marco Campos (26) interviews his mother Rebeca Rodriguez (52) about growing up as a migrant farmer and what she learned from her family.

Sherry Peruzzi and Meredith Peruzzi

Meredith Peruzzi (35) interviews her mother, Sherry Peruzzi (68), about her trouble conceiving children and her marriages. They discuss MP's disinterest in having kids and SP's strong desire for grandchildren.

Andre Papantonio and Adrienne Clermont

Andre Papantonio (69) talks to his goddaughter Adrienne Clermont (30) about how he came to live in Baltimore, his many lives in the city as an activist, teacher, and pyschotherapist who was active in the Civil Rights and anti-Vietnam movements,...

Ruth Kane and Melissa Kane

Ruth Kane 90 speaks with her great granddaughter Melissa Kane 28 about her life growing up with a foster family and her biological family

Coming to America Part 1

Me interviewing my mother about her time in American after she immigrated from Colombia.

Mr. Beyer interview.

I asked my sophomore art teacher some questions that really made him think about life. I deffinantly learned a lot about him and I feel like I see him in a different light now.

Moms English interview

An interview with my mom about our relationship.

Robert Santiago interview

My father discussed his sources of motivation. He also described how it feels to be a father.

Judith Emma Davis Late Peace Corps Volunteer and Voting Rights Advocate

Judith tells her story of volunteering in the Peace Corps and working for the UN to bring free elections to other countries.

FYS Interview about the theme of Legacy with Marry Epperheart by Elijah Epperheart

I interviewed Mary Epperheart for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories. Frank Sesno's book...


I decided to interview my childhood bestfriend , because she is a very influential person in my life.

Daniel Pincu and Elise Pincu Delfield

Daniel Pincu, 68, by his daughter, Elise Willa Pincu Delfield, 35 about his time in Turkey in the army. He took a picture at a wedding and 43 years later found the couple and gave them the picture.

Thanksgiving listen

My mom talked about her life and what happened in it. She discussed the way she thought about things.

My Grandma Tina

This is a recording of my grandma sharing some of her childhood memories.