Father Francis

This is the life of Father Francis. How he was through out life and today.

Hans Riziki

Coming from Moshi, Tanzania, Hanz Riziki talks about the challenges he faced regarding his education, and his pursuit of a new life.

Interview of Darryn Mackenzie

He talks about growing up in Africa, moving to America and the impact of his family on his own life.

“We need to document this…creative energy we have bestowed on the world.”

Recorded on Saturday, June 24, 2017. Visual artist, Beau McCall and Sandy Baker (jewelry icon, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist) discuss beauty standards, natural hair, the power of creativity, and more. [Editor’s note: The correct film title mentioned in the recording...


interviewing my granny for an english project

Susan Gore and Brittany Baldwin

Susan Gore (70) and Brittany Baldwin (32) share where they grew up, the path of their professional lives, work on the library board, and first impressions of one another.

Krystina Nguyen and Melisa Tien

Melisa Tien (34) interviews Krystina Nguyen (25) about her time in the Peace Corps; they discuss service and the importance of family and friends.

Heidi Rockwell and Dr. Jessie Leyse, MD. "It's Been a Long Year."

Heidi Rockwell: 2020-11-29 01:53:02 Heidi Rockwell (51) talks with her niece Dr. Jessie Leyse (37) about her journey to become an Infectious Disease physician and how that path has prepared her to address 2020's Covid-19 global pandemic.

Vet. Interview with John Adams

John Adams is an Airforce Veteran that served during the Cold War. He’s been to every continent except Antarctica. He found his wife on a small trip to Europe.

me and mom!

in this interview I learned about my moms life before me, and with me. I asked her questions about interests and hobbies and got to know her more and how I can contribute and be in her life more.

Captain Barnes

I asked my dad a few questions about him and his life.

My iterview

We talked about Africa. We talked about family and growing up.

EMC Interview w/ Michelle Golloher

Interview between daughter and mother. Mother shares stories and information about life and ancestral history.

RVM Earl Kroner Part II

A wonderful life of loving relationships and having adventures around the world. I'm 86 now, Madeleine is 88 as we build our new life, which we call our final bite - which is always the best.

Border to border to boarding school

Traveling, boarding school, and even some crazy memories, the many things Jaqui Zerouni and Grace Telegdy discussed in November of 2017. As Grace and Jaqui went into depth about Jaqui’s childhood, as she explains all the amazing differences of living...

Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly and Anasa Scott

Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly (57) tells her former colleague Anasa Scott (36) about her efforts working as an environmental and science educator.

Nigerian culture

In this interview we talked a little bit about Nigeria and its culture.