Besties For The Resties

Interview with Serena while vacationing together. Some StoryCorps generated questions and questions we wanted to discuss.

Kathryn Kozaitis and Dimitri Shreckengost

Dr. Kathryn Kozaitis (63) talks to her friend Dmitri Shreckengost (61) about her childhood, immigrating to the United States from Greece, and her career in academia.

Evie and Yiayia Maria, immigrating to the United States, April 17, 2021

Me and Yiayia talk about her coming to the US and some of the struggles she faced while coming, also talking abut memories she has from immigrating.

interview with katrina

this interview took place in hermosa beach, california on november 27. i interviewed my mom, katrina pearl, about her life. her early life, she was a very athletic child who enjoyed sports. her teen years were stressful but her parents...

Coming to America

It’s all about a family staying together and support one another at all times. Coming to America seemed the be the best option at that time.

A Father, His Daughter, and His Response as to Why He Chose the Navy.

This interview occurred on January 9th, 2020, in Flint, Michigan. Ja Karra Nelson (16, Sophomore in high school) will be interviewing her father Greg Nelson (63, single parent) about several different topics. In the beginning they discussed how life was...

History Greek

Discussed grandparents history and where our culture originated.

An interview with my father Zack Harmantzis

Happy memories, how my parents met and how life was lived through the years were discussed today in this interview with my father.

Hayden Goode and her Grandmother Ann Farris discuss her life and growing up Greek.

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Memphis, Tennessee, I interviewed my grandmother Ann Farris, whom I call Yia Yia. We discussed growing up in Memphis, Tennessee and coming from a very Greek family. I learned more about my...

Greek immigration interview

In this interview Katherine Christy answers questions about her life as an immigrant from Greece.

Rockin interview

One of the best people to interview. Talked about her family, jobs and marriage.

Bob Alpern and MC Carolyn tour Crete

Bob Alpern talks about travels to Crete and other archaeological sites over a period of 10-12 years. Bob talks about the hand games that entranced the children there on the boat ride to Create from Athens, visits with MC Carolyn...

Georgia Routsis Savas and Damon Savas

Spouses, Georgia Routsis Savas (62) and Damon Savas (65), talk about their Greek background and family history.

A Story with Pappou

I ask my grandfather a few questions about his service in the navy.

Lindsey Riddell talks to her grandma Emily about her childhood and her life.

In this interview conducted on November 26, 2017 in Manhattan Beach, California Lindsey Riddell (13) interviews grandma Emily (80) about her childhood, adult life, and raising her father. Emily shares stories about traveling the world on a sailboat and raising...

Lee Mallah and Gloria Mallah

Gloria, 48, talks to her mother, Lee, 82 about growing up in a large Greek, Sephardic Jewish family in Indianapolis. Lee talks about her mother, siblings and husband. Lee has kept her mother's tradition of cooking and baking and talks...

Interview with grandpa

An interview with me (13yrs) and my grandpa (70yrs) about his life for school