Kaia interviews her grandmother, Alice, about her life experiences

In this interview, recorded on November 27th, 2015, Kaia Neal (13) interviews her grandmother, Alice Kurtz (69) about her childhood growing up in New York. She talks about growing up during the Cold War and the Cuban Missle Crisis. Plus...

Escape from Communist Hungary

My father describes life under communist Hungary, his escape and life after in different countries

Interview With My Dad

Erno Csatlos talks with his daughter about how he grew up in communist controlled Romania and how that has affected the way he lives today.


My grandmother and I talked about the ancestors she knew, her childhood and bring up, how things have changed in America, and how she would like to be remembered and the influence she hopes to leave on people.

Interview with my Mom

In this interview we talked about my moms family, past, future, goals, and life.

Interview with my Mom

In this interview, we talked about my mom’s experience immigrating to America from Hungary.

A Talk With My Mom About Her Immigrant Parents and Her Childhood

Get to listen to my mom talk about her parents’ lives in Hungary, their immigration, and her childhood!!

Harold Hochstatter and Don Hochstatter

Don Hochstatter (58) interviews his father, Harold Hochstatter (84), about his childhood, his experience in the U.S. Army, his political career, his family, his perspective on death, and his Christian Faith.

George Allen Haas and Jody Harper

Jody Harper (59) interviews her friend George Allen Haas (60) about his family history, specifically their military experiences during the Second World War.

"I love you."

Dear pals, Lexie and Marina, talk about growing up in the Midwest, resonance with effeminate men, coming out as many things, hospitalization, the anthology "Written on the Body." The interview may or may not close with a lil song :)

Valerie Leksich and Aria Nelli discuss Valerie's journey from communist Hungary to her life in the United States.

Valerie Leksich (74) talks with Aria Nelli (14) about her experiences as a child refugee to the U.S. from Hungary during communist rule and about her life in the U.S. and in the Waldorf community. When l asked Valerie what...

“We got it down to a science- everyone had a job”- Lee Stienbarger reflects on his years as coach of the Indiana Thump Jumpers

Lee Stienbarger (a.k.a. "Mr. S.") and Alison talk about the history of Richmond's competitive jump rope team- the Indiana Thump Jumpers, and how he functioned as a coach and trailblazer in a sport that was unknown to much of the...

Dominic [No Name Given] and Aniko Imre

One Small Step participants Dominic Glass [no age given] and Aniko Imre [no age given] discuss their upbringing in California and Hungary, respectively, their outlooks on unions, and their hopes for their children.

My Heritage

My grandma and I discuss our heritage and our opinions about DNA testing.

My american host mother and the military

My name is Titi. I am an exchange student from Hungary and I had a talk to my American host mom about her military years, her life and my exchange.

Her Long Busy Life #Classof2025

Grandmom’s family came from Hungary through Ellis Island. Her father passed when she was 4, so her mother worked hard to raise 3 girls in a time period where this was not normal. Charlotte grew up and married and had...

Becky Kosley and Cindy Henry

Becky Kosley (65) interviews her sister Cindy Henry (66) about their family’s migration to the United States from Slovakia, the closeness of their family, and their family’s military service.

Les & Susan Cooper

Les and his family had many narrow escapes from the Nazis during the war and they eventually managed to escape across the boarder to Austria from Hungary. They had to live in a camp for a few months before they...

Johns story

John grew up in Hungary till the age of 14 then escaped into communist east Germany where he spent a few years working in the mines then escaped to west German where he lived for a couple years before moving...