Short time with my grandma

In the time my garndma was born she had to have courage, leadership, and self-confidence to presue her dreams.

Jido and I

In this interview, my grandpa and I learned about each other. I learned more about my dad and his childhood. I also learned about his love life and my great grandparents. This interview brought my grandpa and I closer and...

WWII Interview

We talked about a variety of topics including my father’s childhood, military career, and professional accomplishments.

David Morrison and Vickie Morrison

David Morrison (53) and Vickie Morrison (47) talk about how they met and fell in love. DM sings two songs he wrote for VM, and reads some of their correspondence.

Reza Zandi talk about growing up in Kerman,Iran, and his experience during the Iranian revolution.

My Dad talked about his experience during the Iranian Revolution, and what was going on back then. He also explained to me more in detail about the Iran-Iraq war, and what it was like living during that time when there...

Donald Phillips and Richard Phillips

Richard Phillips (47) interviews his father, Don Phillips (47) about Don's time in the Army, his deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the effect it had on their family.

Marie Santiago and Danny Santiago

Spouses Marie Santiago (31) and Danny Santiago (33) sit down for a conversation about the highs and lows of the years that they have spent together and offer some of the wisdom that they have gained along the way.

Combat Veteran interviews Military Widow

Mrs.Joy was kind enough to share her life experiences with me and I am forever grateful. She is a military widow who owns her own daycare. Being a combat veteran myself, I had countless questions because of the many intersections...

Tony Bancroft

Tony Bancroft, a Marine fighter pilot, talked to our history campers about his military experiences.

Iraq war interview

Questions about his time in Iraq and thoughts about the war

Remembering 9/11 with my mother

A first hand perspective of 9/11 through my mother’s eyes and the actions she took that day.

“It was my destiny…”
October 18, 2018 App Interview

On October 14 2018, Talal Younis, a first generation immigrant, was interviewed by high school student, Saif Younis. Talal immigrated to the United States in 1968, all on his on, seeking for a better education. His story is told in...

Paul Watkins and Rebecca Davio

Paul Watkins (72) tells his friend Rebecca Davio (60) about playing football at West Point and how his military career impacted his life and his decision to reenlist post 9/11.

Background information of Peter Langley

Peter Langley describes what he has done while deployed.

An interview with my step father.

In this interview my stepfather and I talked about his past with his family. We also discuss how and when his ancestors came in from Germany. We mostly talked about his time in the military and what happened there.

My mom and I

Her life and childhood and how it was coming to this country at first.

Rick Reyer and Yauo Yang

Friends, Rick Reyer (59) and Yauo Yang (39), have a conversation about how Yauo came to live in Wisconsin, his service in the United States Army, and his path to becoming a Church Planter.

Remembering My Jewish History by Ness Solomon

My interview with my grandma asking about her Jewish history which is now mine as well.

Jeffrey Nagy and Andrew Nunn

Jeffrey (42) and Andrew (29) talk about how the became close friends while being medics in Iraq and treating war casualties together.

Farouk Said Barbari

Farouk reflects on his life in Gaza, Libya, and Iraq, where he served as Secretary of the Libyan Petroleum Committee headed by Palestinian national and scholar Anis al-Qasem.