Leeanne Seaver and Jodi Michaels

Friends and colleagues Jodi Hope Michaels [no age given] and Leeanne Seaver [no age given] discuss their work with Global Ties Kalamazoo, reflecting on the importance of international exchange and how we can connect more deeply with one another.

Kristin Mckinney and Savannah Mckinney

Mother Kristin Mckinney (48) invites daughter, Savannah Mckinney (28), to the booth on her 28th birthday to share memories of past birthdays and express love for friends and family.

Hannah & Austin

Hannah interviewing her boyfriend Austin about some of life’s most important questions

Linda Mah and Hope Mutheu

One Small Step partners Linda Mah (57) and Hope Mutheu (19) talk about their upbringings and the impact of social media on current discourse. They reflect on how their social, political, and religious identities have shaped their lives.

Roommate interview

I interviewed someone on their experience living in the dorms.

Bethany Broom-Dombrowski and Tessa Masengale

Bethany Broom-Dombrowski (35) and her daughter, Tessa Masengale (15), trade memories and ask each other about their lives.

Hannah Borton and Jeffrey Breneman

One Small Step partners Hannah Borton (36) and Jeffrey "Jeff" Breneman (53) talk about some of the watershed moments in their lives, and they reflect on the state of political discourse in their community.

Frances Vicioso, Regan Hanley, and CoCo Marie

Colleagues and board members of OutFront Kalamazoo Frances Vicioso (34), Regan Hanley (63), and CoCo Marie (46) share their journeys coming into their identities, reflecting on how the queer experience takes shape across different generations and communities. The three also...

Rebecca Joyce and Richard Joyce

Rebecca Joyce (50) and her father, Richard Joyce (84), trade stories from their respective service in the Peace Corps, talk about their family, and reflect on their love of travel.

Sonya Hollins and Elvira Bernard

Sonya Hollins (55) interviews her mother Elvira Bernard [no age given] about Elvira’s decision to go back to school as single mother of four children in order to become a nurse. They also discuss hurdles Elvira faced in the nursing...

Anne Hensley and Chafe Hensley

Spouses Anne Hensley (49) and Chafe Hensley (48) discuss their future, happiness, the importance of community, and their joint business venture Weirder Wonderland LLC.

Mitchell Lettow, Stan Rajnak, and Kristi Chapman

Mitchell Lettow (36) interviews Stan Rajnak (87) and Kristi Chapman (73) about their volunteer work over the years with Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy.

Briiz Jean-Baptiste Vicioso and Ru Hensley

Colleagues Briiz Jean-Baptise Vicioso (19) and Ru Hensley (24) talk about their experiences growing up as young queer people, how their understanding of gender and sexuality has changed over time, and the hopes they have for the work they do...

Dave McShane

Dave is interviewed in Kalamazoo Michigan at friendship village about his career and family

William Craft and Kathy Purnell

Williams Craft [no age given] interviews his spouse Kathy Burnell (54) about her life, her relationship with her parents, childhood memories, and her education and career trajectory.

Blair Bates and Nelson Nave

Colleagues Blair Bates (66) and Nelson Nave (75) talk about their work in historic preservation, Blair working as a restoration contractor and Nelson as an architect, to maintain the Ladies’ Library Association building in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Ashley Choker and Ngoc Sharp

Ashley Choker (38) interviews her friend and colleague, Ngoc “Kat” Sharp (46), about her challenges in life and her journey to recovery. Kat shares her experience dealing with addiction and homelessness, as well as her experience getting back on her...