Episcopalian Minister in Savannah

An Episcopalian minister in Georgia shares his experiences and advice for young LGBTQ people.

50 Years of Love and Stonewall

Bobby Soletto recounts his experience as a go go dancer at the Stonewall Inn on June 28th 1969 and 50 years of life with his husband.


We talked mainly about her family and childhood.

William’s interview

I interviewed my mom today. It was unique expierence and helped me learn a thing or two about her

Savannah Tours and Tales (Part 2)

KT O’Brien owner of Savannah Tours and Tales shares her knowledge of one of America’s most historic cities

Southern Truth and Reconciliation (STAR) Interview with Vonceia Robinson RE: The Derius Robinson Case

On May 17, 2018, Ms. Vonceia Robinson gave this StoryCorps interview on behalf of her imprisoned son, Derius Robinson. The interview was conducted by Southern Truth and Reconciliation—STAR Inc., (www.southerntruth.net), a social justice organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. STAR intern,...

Great Thanksgiving Listen Reese Martin

This interview is very short, but sweet. We talk about things ranging from my grandmother’s childhood to her advice for many generations to come.

The Impact of the Election of Barack Obama on a Black Man.

In this video, I interview my dad about racism in America and how the Election of Barack Obama affected him as a black man.

Savannah Tours and Tales -Part I

KT, owner of Savannah Tours and Tales shares the rich history of Savannah on an evening walking tour

We are everywhere

His coming out story and how the USAF (United States Airforce) reacted to his coming out.