“I don’t tell you often enough how proud I am of you.”

I interviewed my grandfather and he told me all about his amazing stories of childhood, school years, love, marriage and family.

English Project

I interviewed my mom on her past. Also about her family and how she met her husband.


I talked with my Nana about her childhood in San Francisco. We spoke about her jobs, education, and how she met my Papa.

Lessons Taught Through Past Generations

I interviewed my Grandfather to learn about the factors that led to his career choice.

Dad at age 74.

We sat in a park in the Embarcadero, so it was noisy. I apologize for the parts that are inaudible.

Rosa Lara Interview 2017

We discussed what Rosa was most thankful for and her memories throughout her life.

After Living and Working Around the Globe, a Grandmother Tells Her Story

As a part of The Great Thanksgiving Listen project, a grandaughter interviews her grandmother about her childhood, the time she spent working as a surgical nurse and assistant to the Levi Strauss family, and asks for some advice.

Lynn shares her personal and Davis family history of the 1960s and 1970s "What I know now what I didn’t know then is…"

Lynn shares with Sarah her experience of going to the 1965 Presidential Inauguration, of attending Northwestern in Chicago in 1965-1969 during the campus uprisings, and recognizing the importance of living in diverse places with water roots.

Chris and Bill…Impact Lab 2018

Chris reflects on influential teachers in his life and how he brings their wisdom into his classroom

“When my aunt was two years old, her parents came to America from Greece leaving behind their one and only child…”

Bailey talks to his Aunt Ginny about her Aunt Virginia, a Greek immigrant who was left in Greece by her parents, living with various relatives in a state of poverty until her parents attained the means to bring her to...

Dylan Lui talks to his mom Patricia Yuen Lui about some of her childhood memories.

In this interview on December 1st, 2019 in San Francisco, CA, Dylan Lui (12 years old), interviews his mother, Patricia Yuen Lui (46 years old) about her childhood in San Francisco. Mrs. Lui shares about growing up with a large...

My Dad’s experience growing up in Communist China and as a first generation immigrant

I discuss with my dad his upbringing in Shanghai, China during the Cultural Revolution and his first experiences in America as a first-generation immigrant and one of the first Chinese immigrants that immigrated into the US after the reopening of...

Anchetas vs the World

This is probably the most in-depth conversation I’ve had with my dad in a while (that doesn’t include sports talks; we have heated discussions over them all the time). But I really don’t know much about my dad’s past, mainly...

A sketch of my life

Shessa reads a sketch of her life as a collector, the problems it caused and her spiritual struggle. She includes her story of coming into her non-binary identity.