Aunt Ronnie and Uncle Pop

A few questions for our great aunt Veronica Gaddis, and uncle Anthony Gaddis on our mom’s side.

Gran’s Childhood

My Gran (Edna Fowler) talks about growing up on a farm in rural Alabama, where she lived with her parents, siblings, and maternal grandparents during the Great Depression.

The Billfold

This interview is about a lost wallet, $300 and two boys who did the right thing.

What Music Taught Me About Family

My father, Tommy Carter, has lived and breathed music his whole life. But what has life on the road really taught him? Was touring really what he expected? Through this interview, I discovered how living life on the road teaches...

Civil rights movement

The conversation was mainly what he thought and felt during that time and if he was impacted by any negative feelings or not

The beginnings

Joy rambling about how the idea of this project began.

Catholic Shenanigans

Tom Kilgro is the youth leader at Prince of Peace Catholic Church. Nico Marthe is one of the many teenangers that spends Wednesday’s and Sundays with the most inspiring man he’s ever met.

Thoughts of a Freshman- Age 15

Since we are so young and didn’t have a profound story to share, this is more of a snapshot into the way we interact at this phase in our lives, from which I hope to look back on.

Our Paternal Uncles: Ed, Leon & Milton Wynn

This is an interview about our paternal uncles; Ed, Leon and Milton Wynn. It includes their military history and a little about their respective families. Ed was the oldest and lived his adult life in Texas and in Hawaii. He...

The Hero My Dad

I interviewed my dad to better understand what’s going in in his life especially with him being on the road almost all of my life

Thanksgiving 2018 with MawMaw Shirley

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with MawMaw Shirley. We discussed her childhood, her family, and her schooling.

Emily Lo Re and Bonnie Lo Re talk about growing up in Birmingham, Alabama.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Birmingham, Alabama, Emily Lo Re (16) interview her mother Bonnie Lo Re (50) about her childhood in Birmingham. Mrs. Lo Re shares her thoughts about 9/11 and the new generation. She also...

Jane Pounds talks about her life growing up.
November 25, 2018 App Interview

In this interview we talk about my grandmother’s life growing up, including World War II and the Great Depression.

I interview my mom in the Great thanksgiving Listen Project about our childhoods

I interview my mother about her life and my early years. I learned that my dad never formally proposed to my mom and that he gave her a borrowed ring. I also realized how much my mom truly does for...

O’Niel Swanson talks about his experiences throughout his life including starting his own buissness and being in the war

This interview was recorded in Detroit Michigan at 7:30 p.m. The person that I interviewed was O’Niel D. Swanson who is also my grandfather. The topics discussed in this interview include starting a buissness how to publicize a buissness and...

Brazelton-Stafford Interview – Our Maternal Grandparents

In this interview, we discuss our memories of our maternal grandparents; Herbert Hinds Brazelton and Ursula Stanford Brazelton. Ursula passed away before any of us were born so we do not have any direct knowledge of her. Herbert was close...

My dad

This was a interview of my dad. I learned more about how him and my mom got together and I learned more about myself and how I was growing up. This interview opened my eyes a little bit because I’ve...

Interview with Bennet Ratcliff

In this interview I ask Bennet Ratcliff a few questions about his life as a political consultant and amazing father. He explains our houses one rule, and what he’s most proud of.