December 17, 2018 app
Kerry and Anne

Kerry and Anne talk about their experience as parents involved in Parents as Teachers home visiting.

December 15, 2018 app
Intentionally Interviewing

Interviewing my mom, Jennifer Poppe in our living room on December 14, 2018. As I asked questions my mom and I were so intrigued in the whole conversation. There was moments where my mom couldn’t stop talking but explained everything...

December 14, 2018 app
Great Listen with EJ Johnson

In this interview, conducted in December 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri. Kendall Vickers (18) interviews her friend EJ Johnson (20) about anything from past jobs to hockey to her dogs. EJ goes into detail about her past jobs and everything...

December 13, 2018 app
The Secret Life of Sue Bommarito

I attempted to compare my life to my grandmothers and see how she grew up.i talked about some touchy subjects with her and some of her favorite memories.

December 13, 2018 app

My mom and I just have a sweet talk about her life. She gives me some insight and talks about the paths in her life that lead her to where she is now. Learned a lot of new things about...

December 11, 2018 app
Angela Musick’s interview

In this interview, I asked my mom a wide variety of questions. Some questions talked about her childhood life, some talked about her current life, and some were fun-just to get to know some new interesting facts. One interesting thing...

December 11, 2018 app
Teddy Kaminski 12/10/18

I talked to my grandpa about his life growing up in St. Louis. He was in the Navy during the Vietnam war and later became a police officer and worked in Crime Scene Investigation (CSI).

December 10, 2018 app
Childhood In The 80’s

A discussion about what life was like growing up in the 80’s. What family, friends, pets, and life was all about back in the day.

December 10, 2018 app
Small Town to BIG WORLD

Jennifer Roberts grew up in a small town and later discovered the big world with an open mind. She has been exposed to many different cultures and lifestyles and has benefited greatly from it.