Melinda Snyder and Kristi Murdock

One Small Step partners Melinda Snyder (68) and Kristi Murdock (66) discuss Christianity's place in their political values, loving their grandchildren with different perspectives to theirs, and how their families know where they stand on political issues.

Rachel Yves and John Linnehan

One Small Step conversation partners Rachel Yves (30) and John Linnehan (74) talk about religion, religious values, moral agency, and the role religion plays in their lives.

Aunt Cherry (sibling #12)

My Aunt Cherry is the 12th of my Grandma Classy's children. We talked for a bit about the coronavirus, the ways she is keeping up with there grandchildren and how her church has handled the transition. My favorite part of...

Wally Long and James Sweeney

One Small Step partners James Sweeney (69) and Wally Long (63) discuss their community work, their mutual belief that the right to vote is "sacred," and why face-to-face conversations are so important.

Jake Marais and Lorraine Marais

Lorriane Marais (69) speaks with her son Jake Marais (41) about her experiences as an activist under apartheid in South Africa and her hopes for healing and and end to racial injustice in America.

Ola Sylvia Lamar Sheffield and Valeria Lynn

Friends and "sisters in Christ," Dr. Ola Sylvia Lamar Sheffield [no age given] and Valeria Lynn [no age given], describe their spiritual journeys, discuss the role faith plays in their lives, and give advice to those struggling.

Elizabeth Coleman and John LeSar

Elizabeth Coleman [no age given] talks with her OSS conversation partner John "Jack" W. LeSar [no age given] about their childhoods and school experiences. They also discuss their time abroad, in the Peace Corps and the Army respectively, and their...

Foundations Interview

This interview is an analysis of a biblical conversation between Christian Sears and his aunt, Corliss Carr. The seventeen-year-old college student interrogated his sixty-nine-year-old aunt about various questions revolving around the biblical meanings and applications of happiness. Several of the...

David Mellott and Maya Stein

One Small Step conversation partners David Mellott (67) and Maya Stein (51) talk about being step-parents, families and marriage, life lessons, and being middle children. They discuss God, the importance of family, being Liberal and Conservative, and hopes for the...

Marie Dunbar and Bill Dunbar

Spouses, Marie Dunbar (45) and Bill Dunbar (62), explain what it means to be practicing Seventh-Day Adventists Christians, discuss the role God plays in their daily lives, and share stories about their most memorable spiritual experiences.

Carlos Moore and Mia Raquel

Carlos Moore (49) talks with new friend and StoryCorps facilitator Mia Raquel (24) about what triggered him to start learning about his family and the research he's done using the Bible as a resource in the past 10 years to...

Lynn Oldshue and Soynika Edwards-Bush

Friends Lynn Oldshue (53) and Soynika Edwards-Bush (43) talk about Soynika's career as an artist and teacher, their families, and living with intention.

Lamar Howard and Chiquitta Clemons-Howard

Chiquitta Clemons-Howard (50) talks to her husband Lamar Howard (46) about when they first met, how they fell in love, and what they are most grateful for in life.

Marcel Joseph, Evelyn Joseph, and Chelsea Sheets

Chelsea Sheets (30) interviews her grandparents, Marcel Joseph (77) and Evelyn Joseph (73), about their life before they were called to ministry. Marcel and Evelyn reflect on their journey of faith and talk about raising children and being traveling ministers.