Jessica Goff and Hope Aucoin

Friends and former colleagues Jessica Goff (40) and Hope Aucoin (35) share memories of their friendship and careers in journalism. Note: This recording has mentions of mass shootings.

Faith Mikalonis and Chris Baca

Chris Baca (50) and her best friend Faith Mikalonis (40) reflect on their friendship, their memories together, and their deep love for one another as they prepare for Faith to move away from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to the East Coast.

Madeline Attianese and Amanda Tapler

Chosen family Madeline Attianese (23) and Amanda Tappler (49) remember their meeting at Elon University and reflect on the meaning of their relationship over the years.

William "Bill" Moser and Shannon Benaitis

Shannon Heather Benaitis (41) interviews the father she chose, William "Bill" Daniel Moser (73), about how they came to be chosen family and the death of Bill's son.

Carl Wood, Jennifer Hammmonds, and Brandy Waldo

Sisters Brandy Waldo (49) and Jennifer Hammonds (47) talk with their stepfather, Carl Woods (61), about his life and being his daughters.

Jerry Albrent and Matthew Haynes

Jerry Albrent (72) interviews his friend Matthew Haynes [no age given], the owner and founder of Club Q, where a mass shooting took place on November 19, 2022. Matthew reflects on how his life journey led him to open a...

Katrina Brown-Kennedy and Ian Murakami

Katrina Brown-Kennedy (54) is interviewed by conversation partner Ian Murakami (25) about her experience with cancer, how the people in her life supported her in this journey, and how the journey changed her relationship to control and autonomy.

Breaking the cycle

Panita(34) and Paul Harvey (38) have been together for over 16 years. Met during their time in service in US Army National Guard, they had 1 daughter together. They both had suffered through childhood trauma and multiple mental problems but...

Kim Lewter, Sebrina Cooke-Davis, and DraShonta Brinson

Dr. Sebrina Cooke-Davis (48) speaks with her friends, mother and daughter Dr. Kim Lewter (53) and DraShonta Brinson (34), about DraShonta's childhood and how they have built a community together.

Southern Queer Life & Chosen Families with Aldon and Edwin

A discussion about growing up queer in the south and choosing a family from the friends you're surrounded with.

Harriet Hancock and Jennifer Tague

Jennifer Tague (57) interviews her mother Harriet Hancock (87), dubbed “Mama Pride,” about her involvement in LGBTQ advocacy in Columbia.

Deborah Allen and Kami Pham for Stonewall Outloud Shreveport Louisiana

Deborah and her chosen granddaughter Kami compare high school experiences. Coming out in the 70s, transgender rights, the AIDS epidemic in the 80s, Fighting stigma in the deep south.

Alaina Hebert and Pat Barnard

Pat Barnard (36) talks to his friend and colleague Alaina Hebert (28) about his son's battle with cancer, how he has maintained a positive outlook on life, and his reflections on Cajun heritage.

Faida Whitaker-Mfomboutmoun and Anita Garrett

Friends Anita Garrett (59) and Faida Whitaker-Mfomboutmoun (43) discuss the passage of time, preserving the legacies of their ancestors, and lessons they would like to pass down to future generations.

Braxton Baker and Leah Krieger

Leah Kreiger (32) interviews Braxton Baker (29) about his childhood and his involvement in the LGBT community. Braxton talks about realizing he was gay and later mentoring a group of younger men during their coming out process.

Bridget Graham and Lisa Jones

Sister-friends Bridget Graham [no age given] and Lisa Jones [no age given] talk about the longevity and closeness of their relationship over the course of many changes in their lives. They reflect on first connecting in high school, on the...