Kay Lee & John Nordeen

“We had even stronger bonds because we had survived this together.” Fifty years after serving together in Vietnam, Army veterans Kay Lee and John Nordeen sat down for StoryCorps to remember how they first met. Produced by StoryCorps. Originally aired...

Dominique St. Vil and Zazil Davis-Vazquez

Dominique St. Vil (37) tells his interviewer Zazil Davis-Vazquez (27) about his work in transgender rights advocacy in Haiti.

Braxton Baker and Leah Krieger

Leah Kreiger (32) interviews Braxton Baker (29) about his childhood and his involvement in the LGBT community. Braxton talks about realizing he was gay and later mentoring a group of younger men during their coming out process.

Southern Queer Life & Chosen Families with Aldon and Edwin

A discussion about growing up queer in the south and choosing a family from the friends you're surrounded with.

Deborah Allen and Kami Pham for Stonewall Outloud Shreveport Louisiana

Deborah and her chosen granddaughter Kami compare high school experiences. Coming out in the 70s, transgender rights, the AIDS epidemic in the 80s, Fighting stigma in the deep south.

William "Bill" Moser and Shannon Benaitis

Shannon Heather Benaitis (41) interviews the father she chose, William "Bill" Daniel Moser (73), about how they came to be chosen family and the death of Bill's son.

Debbie King and El Campbell

Debbie King (42) shares a conversation with her friend, El Campbell (31), about gender fluidity, coming out, community, capitalism, and living with a chronic illness.

Martha Shen and Carrie Shen

Life partners Martha Shen (50) and Carrie Shen (58) talk about how they met and how they wound up adopting their two sons.