Sidney Davis and Dorothy Garza

Dorothy Garza (63) interviews her friend Sidney Davis (75) about how he beat cancer, what it was like being incarcerated for over 30 years, and the ways in which God influences his daily life.

Annette Bergins and Jim Chojnacki

One Small Step partners Annette Bergins (86) and Jim Chojnacki [no age given] discuss how formative experiences with their families and the neighborhoods they grew up in influence their political views.

Ankur and Stephen talk about the time he stole pokemon cards

In this story, we get to learn about Stephen, a personal friend of mine who wanted to share his story about the time he stole 3 rare pokemon cards and the impact it had on him in the short in...

Paige Norman and her exciting freshman year

Paige and her best friend Helen got into a bit of criminal situation her freshman year of college!

Anna Dapelo-Garcia and Erica Dapelo-Garcia

Anna Dapelo-Garcia (55) speaks with her daughter, Erica Dapelo-Garcia(28), about the struggles they faced growing up, their first loves and biggest influences. Anna shared her love and hopes for Erica and future grandchildren.

Criminality in Adolescence

Liliana Dietz discusses criminality in adolescence with Mary, who has experience with adolescents in the county probation department and in children's services.

Leslie Hoyt and Emily Hatch

One Small Step conversation partners Leslie Hoyt (66) and Emily Hatch (34) discuss their differing political beliefs, feelings around motherhood, and find common ground around experiences of loss and grief.

Xander And George’s Discussion

I talked with my Grandpa George Molinaro about how the world was back when he was young.

Taylor Mack and Oz Roberts

One Small Step conversation partners Arsburn "Oz" Roberts (63) and Taylor Mack (26) have a conversation about the influences of their faith on the way they vote and live their lives.

Philip Gibbs and Offie Wortham

One Small Step conversation partners Philip Gibbs (62) and Offie Wortham (83) met virtually to talk about the civil rights movement; their opinions of former President Donald Trump; BLM; and issues of immigration, crime and fear.

Karen Fine discusses growing up in Brooklyn and how she got to Highland Park

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Deerfield, Illinois, Zach Fine (16) interviews his mother Karen Fine (48) about her childhood in Brooklyn. Karen shares experiences from her time in Brooklyn as well as her life in college....

Questions About Racism in America.

During this interview, we will discuss racism in America and how it makes black people feel. We will also discuss in this interview some personal experiences from racism/ racial issues in America.

Thomas Fisher and Christie Keegan

One Small Step partners Thomas "Alan" Fisher (66) and Christie Keegan (73) discuss their views on gun ownership and their shared concerns over the tenor of our current political climate.

Edna Centola and Cynthia Hardi

One Small Step partners Edna Centola (70) and Cynthia Hardi [no age given] talk about their careers, politics, and the changes in their respective cities.

Thanksgiving Project with Michael Vana and Erline Vana

We talked about how it was to grow up “back then” and how it effected them in that time. It was obvious that it was a whole different time period back in the mid 1900’s. We learned about school and...

South African immigrant.

I talked with my mom about her experiences coming from South Africa.

“I knew I was on dangerous ground:” Two men working to tell the story of a lifetime.

Fred and Craig talk about their five-year project to write Fred’s life story, a story with roots in the South during the Great Depression, and stops in the Army, the prize-fighting world, Harlem, Sing-Sing Prison, and Washington DC.