Mary Lindsay Great Thanksgiving Listen

The interviewer is Kaitlyn and she is 16 years old and she interviewed her Grandma, Mary, who is 78. They talked about her nickname, how she was as a kid, her travels in Europe and other things.

Nicolette Nordin Heavey and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Nicolette Nordin Heavey was born Detroit, but spent the majority of her childhood in Belgium and England. After attending college in America, she moved to Andover to raise her family. Wanting to help contribute to...

Mom and Me

We talked about my moms past with her dad being a world champion motorcycle racer.

Diana Thomas-Gonzalez interviews her adopted grandpa David Grimm.

Diana Thomas-Gonzalez: Nov/19/2021. Diana (16) interviews her adopted grandpa David Grimm (60+) about growing up, religion, the military, and family.

Grandfather talks about his thoughts on travel

My grandfather has travelled SO many places in his 76 years of life and shares some of his thoughts on travel.

Theresa DeDona interview
December 1, 2017 App Interview

This is an interview of my grandmothers childhood, marriage and her future.

Michigan Was Scary for an Iowa Farm Girl – The Great Thanksgiving Listen

The evening of November 21st, 2017, Eli Frank (15) sat down with their Grandmother DD (age and last name not provided due to partner request) for an interview. DD told many stories about her life as a child on a...

Jeff Stover and Amy Stover

Jeff Stover, 30, is interviewed by his mother, Amy Hohn Stover, 67. They remember Raymond Stover, Amy’s late husband and Jeff’s late father, and Amy A. Hohn, Amy’s late mother and Jeff’s late grandmother.

Thanksgiving with my dad

In this interview I talk to my dad about his life in India and some of his greatest moments

Adina Desaulniers and William Schubart III

One Small Step conversation partners Adina Desaulniers (64) and Bill Schubart (76) talked about their upbringings, specifically the impact their grandmothers had on them. They also discussed education, religion and social media.

Immigration Stories Italy: Lamin Tamba

Lamin Tamba, who goes by Lamin, and in our interview he shares horrific details of his journey from Senegal to Libya and then ultimately pushed onto a boat into the Mediterranean Sea in complete darkness, hoping he makes it safely...

An Interview With My Argentine Grandmother

Estela Fernandez, born on December 6th of 1940, is the daughter of European refugees who came to Buenos Aires, Argentina during World War 1. She talks about her fondest memories, such as hanging out with her families on the weekends,...

Maddy Shearer interviews Beatrice Peterson about International Traveling and Living during the Cold War

Beatrice Peterson recalls her experiences traveling with the American military during the midst of the Cold War to locations like Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany, and Romania while being interviewed by her granddaughter, Maddy Shearer on May 14th, 2022. She details how...

Interview with my grandma

My grandma talked out her grandma and how she came from Europe

The Paul Studer Story

He lived in Nazi-occupied Europe, befriended Louie Armstrong, and aided in work on one of the first ever computers as a professor: Paul Studer is an immigrant, an artist, a father, and a friend. This is his story.

Clark Howe interview, October 29, 2022, 2 of 2

talking about college and grad school. Participants include Jared, Stacey, and Clark. We met at Clark’s Howe home in Newcastle Washington. Mona Howe was also in the room.

Immigration Stories Italy: Savaneh Lamin

Savaneh Lamin, who goes by Lamin, talks about his arduous journey from the Ivory Coast to Libya and then crossing the sea to be rescued by a Ship. Once rescued by a ship he was brought to Italy and then...