The Great Thanksgiving Day Listen with Lala and Ari

Ariana Ramos (14) talks to her grandmother, Naomi Ramos (77) about her childhood. They also talk about how she wants to be remembered, and about the life that she has lived and continues to live.

Hey, Dad. Nice to meet ya!
January 29, 2023 App Interview

This conversation was between Tara Richards, 31 years old, daughter, and Phil Daniels, 65 years old, father. We talked about Phil’s childhood, how the sudden loss of his father shaped him, his hopes and dreams, raising 3 children, and so...

Kyndall Dotson and Linda Blacks Interview.

On 12/3/21 In Flint,MI Linda Black and Her Granddaughter Kyndall Dotson has a conversation about the trial’s and tribulations in her life and also talk about her experience in the south.

Robin Lynn and Carla Steckman

Mother and daughter Robin [no age given] and Carla [no age given] discuss Carla's daughter, Talia, who died of Tay-Sachs disease at 23 months old. They talk about their relationship around this experience and discuss discovery of strengths and connections.

Malloree Morrison and her parents talk about family, early life, and love.

In the small town of Freeport, Pennsylvania, Malloree sat down at her kitchen table with her parents, Helen and Will Morrison. The conversation started with Will and Helen talking about their parents and grandparents. Malloree listened as her parents went...

Lessons learned from life's well lived

My mother, April Dean, accounts the lasting impacts of her mother, Marjorie, and her passing and life itself. This is the second take because the first did not record.

Person of Inspiration

I am Elijah George, interviewing my mom Katherine George. Katherine George is 43 years old, my mom, and the date of this interview is December 7th, 2022. In this interview we go over what she likes about her work, how...

Michael Ayers Auricchio – Life In a Nutshell

My Grandpa (we call him Bigga) spoke to me about his wife, children, and the losses he experienced to get to where he is today. (Note: any time he says “your mother,” he means my Grammie. He doesn’t remember who...

Jess remembers Gram

An interview with my sister in law, Jess Charles, about her memories of her grandmother, Ann Reilly.

From the mountains to the city

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Athena Johnson (16) interviews her grandma Barbra Johnson (71) about her childhood in the country and her adult life in the city. Mrs.Johnson shares stories about her Christian faith. She...

Inside Mom

I interview my mother about her past and present.

Jacqueline Smith and Alison Leras

Jacqueline and Alison discuss Jacqueline's journey to becoming a Home Health Social worker, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her patients and herself.

The Great Listen with Cherie Kilgo
November 26, 2022 App Interview

I’m interviewing my long time friend Cherie Kilgo. She is 64 and I am 32. Family, grateful, friendship, tradition, loss

Lori Butterworth and Brittany Maldonado-Gosline

Friends and colleagues, Lori Butterworth [no age given] and Brittany Maldonado-Gosline [no age given], discuss Brittany's younger brother, Corbin Maldonado, their work at Jacob's Heart Children's Cancer Support Services, and how to show up for someone who is grieving.

Tragedy to triumph

Interviewed my mom about the loss of her older brother.

Granddaughter interviews the Peer family matriarch.

I interview my Grammy who is 75 years during the COVID-19 pandemic. From her childhood and parents to meeting and losing the love of her life our interview gives just a glimpse of her beautiful soul. She is truly an...