Laney McMillen and Michelle Emmitt -mom and daughter

A daughter interviews her mother for what seemed like a boring class project, but turned out to be quite the learning experience after all.

Interview With Allison Clark!
September 14, 2022 App Interview

Song interviews Allison Clark, a PE teacher at Westridge School about her high school and sexuality experience.

Chattanooga College Students Discuss Sexuality 2

This is another conversation between two UTC students discussing sexuality. They provide relevant personal background information while describing their own sexual identity.

Tessa And Kate November 2018

This is an interview with Kate Lindstrom over the topics body image, sexuality, family, and mental illnesses

Two Communities of Love with Madeline Diaz and Juan Josue Martinez

Madeline and her friend Juan Josue talk about the LGBTQ+ Community and the Christian Church, and how these two often find themselves at odds. As a devout Christian who is Bisexual, Juan speaks to how difficult it can be to...

Norma Swenson and Paula Doress-Worters

Normal Swenson (86) and her friend and colleague Paula Doress-Worters (79) speak about what it was like to found "Our Bodies, Ourselves," their memories of the Women's Movement of the 1960s and 70s, and their earliest memories of being aware...

Michele’s HIV Story

Michele is 53 years old and has HIV. This is her story on how she got it.

Darcy Lyle and Elizabeth Stork
September 16, 2020 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners, Darcy Lyle [no age given] and Elizabeth Stork (62), talk about how faith influences their political beliefs, Libertarianism, and how girls are taught to think about their bodies and sexuality.

Daniel Baughn and Marissa Kanz

Marissa Kanz (38) talks with her ex-husband, Daniel Baughn (40), about their friendship, courtship, marriage and divorce. They talk about their shared spiritual faith, their six-year-old daughter and Daniel Baugh's coming out after they were married. They then talk about...

Chattanooga College Students Discuss Sexuality

This is a conversation between two UTC students discussing sexuality. They provide relevant personal background information while describing their own sexual identity.

Ray Kong and Vivian C – Moving to America
September 11, 2022 App Interview

Ray Kong (16) talks with their aunt Vivian Chow (54) about moving from Hong Kong to San Francisco at 16 and making a life for herself in the US as a gay woman in STEM.

Katy Frank and Susan Frank

One Small Step conversation partners, Susan Frank (52) and Katy Frank (41), have a discussion and touch on religion, politics and life during COVID-19.

Tylah and Darius talk about his childhood, events that shaped him, and future advice to coming generations

In this interview between Tylah Wells (17) and her mentor Darius Parker (27) taken on June 1, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Darius speaks of memorable childhood events and gives uplifting messages for those who are struggling. Darius speaks of life...

Lydia Weiss and Kyle Holsinger-Johnson

Lydia Weiss (33) and Kyle Holsinger-Johnson (36) discuss childhood memories and experiences, identity, love, and navigating life. They talk about their relationship with one another and how it started, as well as their personal growth and proudest moments.

Interview w Ashley

Interviewed Ashley about growth, family, past experiences, and sexuality!

More Questions

An interview between a student and a principal. Several questions about things that happen in school were explained so that students can get answers.

Revelations in the Heartland – Commemorating Stonewall 50 with Norm Arbo

Back in the day, it often took years for things that happened on the coasts to really impact the Heartland. The coincidences of Norm’s life in 1969, while traveling in Europe (on a trip earned as a reward for serving...

Jo Ann Graham and Kathleen Brophy

One Small Step partners, Jo Ann Graham (71) and Kathleen "Kathy" Brophy (58), discuss their upbringing and relationship with their families. They talk about sexuality, gender expression, and religion.

“The Divorce” The life experiences of Kelsie Gillay and her parents divorce, recored in an interview with Cassidy Gillay

In this interview, conducted on November 29, 2021, Cassidy Gillay interviews her younger sister, Kelsie Gillay, 13, about her experiences growing up and how her parents divorce affected her. Kelsie shares her experiences with school, parenting styles, friends, future aspirations,...