My Dad’s experience growing up in Communist China and as a first generation immigrant

I discuss with my dad his upbringing in Shanghai, China during the Cultural Revolution and his first experiences in America as a first-generation immigrant and one of the first Chinese immigrants that immigrated into the US after the reopening of...

“I don’t tell you often enough how proud I am of you.”

I interviewed my grandfather and he told me all about his amazing stories of childhood, school years, love, marriage and family.

Melody Fawcett, Nathan Blunt, Hilary Rajchel

Melody met her cousins, Nathan and Hilary about ten years ago as a result of genealogy research. They come together today to share what brought them to their searches and the impact it had on them and the family.

Istanbul and San Francisco are both home to Aydin

Aydin shares what he finds similar and different about his family of origin's home, Istanbul, and his home in California, where he and his wife raised twin girls. He shares favorite memories, dreams, and what he is most proud of...

English Project

I interviewed my mom on her past. Also about her family and how she met her husband.

11/26/202 interview with my dad

I interviewed my dad, he is 58 years old and he talks about family and his childhood.

Interview of My Grandpa Dr. Jack Saroyan

I wanted to learn about my grandpa and what it was like to grow up in the 1940s and 1950s. He also told me about what my mother was like when she was a little girl. He also talked about...

Interview with my twin

This interview is my twin brother and I taking about random memories we’ve had in our school lives and just our lives in general.

Rosa Lara Interview 2017

We discussed what Rosa was most thankful for and her memories throughout her life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with John Stewart

This was an interview on my great uncle John Stewart, a former pro football player and successfull low income housing developer. This is a general overview of his life story and the choices he’s made that lead to his success.

Angela Ibrahim-Olin and Viriginia Ibrahim-Olin

Wives Angela Ibrahim-Olin (37) and Virginia Ibrahim-Olin (42) talk about their relationship and marriage. They focus on their wedding day in 2015, as well as their young son Franklin and their soon-to-be-born second child, whom they refer to as "Pickles."

Brendan John and Barney John

Brendan John [no age given] talks to his father, Barney John [no age given], about Barney's experience growing up Catholic in Karachi, Pakistan. They reflect on the formation of their belief systems, their faith, and their family.

Wedding interview with Mom

Story corps interview booked the morning of my wedding to Alexa

Dylan Lui talks to his mom Patricia Yuen Lui about some of her childhood memories.

In this interview on December 1st, 2019 in San Francisco, CA, Dylan Lui (12 years old), interviews his mother, Patricia Yuen Lui (46 years old) about her childhood in San Francisco. Mrs. Lui shares about growing up with a large...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is an interview about my family’s heritage, which stemmed from South Korea. We talk about why my family immigrated to the US and our traditions.

A sketch of my life

Shessa reads a sketch of her life as a collector, the problems it caused and her spiritual struggle. She includes her story of coming into her non-binary identity.