Generations of Pride

Playwright Barbara Kahn speaks to friend and fellow writer Vanda about connecting with her Lesbian identity and working as a playwright in what was primarily a segregated field for Gays and Lesbians outside of New York City.

Unpacking the “Modern Muslim Woman” with Suzy Ismail

The phrase the “Modern Muslim Woman” has become a common phrase that’s been adopted to label Muslim American women. I interviewed Dr. Suzy Ismail, a known Islamic speaker and author on what she thinks about the term and whether it...

My Closest Stranger

Here is where I interviewed one of my closest friends where I discovered many things I didn’t know, even though we have been friends for quite some time. During this interview, we discuss growing up in America as black people...

Discussion highlighting some of the challenges women face in society.

This interview discusses some of the main questions from my informal research on the topic of feminism in today’s society.

Debbie Smith explains growing up through the feminist movement, and where we are today.

We talked about the feminist movement and America’s relationship with its women. We also delved into personal stories about the feminist movement.

Keep on keepin' on

Before joining the group Moms Demand Action, my grandmother Beverly was a nurse for over 40 years. I asked her what it was like joining the Moms group and what it was like being a nurse from the 60s to...

Tenho Connable

An active lifestyle as an engineer, educator, mother; she has a warm and positive outlook.

My Grandma’s Interesting Perspective on Modern History

The interview covers my Grandma’s perspective on her life and important events of recent history including The Civil Rights Movement, Feminism, JFK’s Assasination, and 9/11.

Tyler Smith & Dakotta Hunt 2018

I interviewed Dakotta Hunt on November 1, 2018.

Charlee Strangia

Ruth meyerowitz speaks about her experience teaching in the UB women’s studies program

A Conversation between Judy Gingold, feminist writer and editor, and her husband, David Freeman, writer and Hollywood screenwriter

“Someone’s maleness should never be a license for… anything.” Oxford and Yale-educated Judy Gingold, joined Newsweek in its 70’s heyday, and led a feminist revolution. In 2017, she was diagnosed with memory impairment, and her husband, David Freeman, agreed...

Terry Braunstein and the women’s art movement in Washington DC

Grandma describes her role in the women in art movement in the 1970s in DC to her three grandchildren

How many Brits does it take to talk feminism?

Emma Henderson interviews Lauren Sheath on feminism, faith, Michelle Obama and the value of a pun.

Interview with my mother

Lee Chandler talks to his mother, Mary, about her experiences in work and education and how they lead her to becoming a women empowering woman.