Julia Clukey and Jack Elder

Olympic luge athletes Julia Clukey (34) and Jack Elder (78) share memories of their experiences during and after their Olympic careers.

Carol Lindsey and Kim Clarke

Carol “Coke” Lindsey (64) and Kim Clarke (54) talk about their experiences as teammates on team handball competing in the Olympics for the United States.

Running reckless

My coach went to the olympics 2 times. He is now coach runners that want to get better.

Claire Donahue Interview

I am interviewing Olympian Claire Donahue on her experiences in the Olympics and her transition into coaching.

where my dad started

my name is annie moyer and i interviewed my dad, peter moyer. this interview took place at my house, in valley village. i am fifteen years old. my dad’s boss paid for a conference trip to los angeles that changed...

Lusa and her mom talk about her amazing experience working with Special Olympics as a young woman.
December 16, 2018 App Interview

Lusa interviews her mom, Toni, about the 5 years that she worked in special olympics. Toni talked about the importance of the games and how moving it was to see so many people with mental disabilities in one place, beyond...

Keith Sims & Melvin Pender

“You have to go back. And you’re going back to train for the Olympics.” During the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, many black athletes were called upon to protest racial inequality. Not all were able to do so. This was the...

"We not only found the results, but we also found the solution." an interview with Tong Zhu

Tong Zhu atmospheric chemist and university professor shares his experiences studying air pollution and its impacts on human health. Reflecting on how past discoveries influence solutions and how those solutions impact government policy. He shares stories about his work for...

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Cyril Van Landingham

Originally from Connecticut Cyril moved to Philadelphia to live with his Grandparents after the loss of both of his parents. Cyril and I talk about his day job working in the school system, how he went to Fisk University and...

1980 “Miracle On Ice”

The 1980 Winter Olympics were monumental for the United States as the men’s hockey team upset the heavily favored Soviet Union in the midst of the Cold War. This interview highlights the importance and significance of the win in context...

1980 Winter Olympics “Miracle on Ice” USA vs USSR

During the time of the 1980 Winter Olympics the US and Soviet Union were in the midst of the Cold War. The United States men’s hockey team were a heavy underdog in their matchup against the mighty Soviet. The US...

LHP 1970s Boas

Steve Boas talked about growing up as a sports fanatic in the 1970s.

Olympic journey

The peninsula high school attendance lady gives an account of an interesting job she had throughout much of her life.

Ashley interviews her gymnastics coach, Lauren.

In this interview at a church gym in Middletown on November 27th, 2017, Lauren Coleman, Ashley Wang’s long-time gymnastics coach, talks about her experiences with the sport. She also provides her insight on the sport itself, and some words of...